Free BFBC 2 CD-Key?

Discussion in 'Public Garbage Bin' started by jacker300, May 7, 2010.

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  1. jacker300

    jacker300 FS Member

    Does anyone have any free BFBC 2 cd key for pc(EADM)?.... if you do please PM me with the cd key.

    Please i really do want one if any body can help


    Thanks anyone who gives me a working BFBC 2 cd key....also i really want the EADM key, but the regular keys are fine too :D
  2. mikhail911

    mikhail911 Full Member

    oky her u cn hav it


    ...honestly, don't post a thread asking somebody to give you something that they paid their own money on for free, especially since this is your first post in the forums.
  3. jacker300

    jacker300 FS Member

    Thx but this doesn't work online :(
    Also i know i feel bad for posting and begging for a cd-key but i know there are some nice people that will give a legit cd key. And may god bless the people that donate and give away stuff free for a good cause(NO JOKE....I MEAN IT) :)

    To be totally honest my parents are strict about me buying entertainment stuff and i don't celebrate Christmas and all those other Christian holidays that give kids gifts.

    But hey thx for helping ;)
  4. DigitalGeek

    DigitalGeek Full Member


    You are a sad child, your story brings a tear to my eye. I'm Lying of course. I don't give a damn about your parents not giving you presents. Beggars aren't welcome, and Begging Posts Get Trashed.

    Like This One. [​IMG]

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