Free Steam Games

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Post a E-mail to [email protected]
Whit the games you want but remember you need to fill in your pw and user (i dont know why but u need to do it)

Make it like this



and you games will be activated i hours 24
Are you serious? ARE YOU FKIGN SERIOUS?! ...Mesa wanna try dis. Genious? or Steams Stupidity?

Hey speedar, what should the Subject be?
I VEHEMENTLY suggest that you DO NOT do this. Valve would not give accounts away with games on it like that.
I just tried it on a new account I made. It has failed to work, speedar said it was down anyways. Tell us when it gets back up, ja.
zomg im gunna do this as soon as then i can have every steam game free. omg speeder you such a f*cking moron.
Free accounTZ!!!!! ZOMG!! i will give you my old accounts becuase uz Suppliez ME with Good inFormation!!111!one!
lyke omfgz0rz I want teh account wit all teh k00l gamez! LawL! I send you my real legit account so you can upgrade it? K thx bai frend!
hey speeeeder i sent you my account login and still no games, im starting to tink i was scammed....
login: damien
password: damien1234567

all of em, i like to play games
of cource this is fake, look at it, send me your steam account and i'll patch it or some B/S, why not post the tutorial on how WE can do it ourselves or why don't you make like 50 fake accounts and release them here just for US to test?
Not open for further replies.