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can somone tell me is there any way to get any of the steam games that will work with every server for free. i have heard that there is not such thing as a steam keygen or they all dont work. so can somone tell me is there any way?
because i used a lot of steam cracks and hacks but they all just show games in your game list and when you try to download anything this message keeps on comming up "the servers are too busy to handle your request" and it wont let you download anything. then i get the CSS, GCF files. Then i launch CSS and when i try to play with ANY server including cracked servers this eror message comes up "this account does not own the game" and it ask's me to log in with a account that owns the game. and the worst thing is ******** that is the worst steam hack/crack ever. the owners of ******** say that people are noobs because of they say "it works perfectly" but it dont. And the fucked up guy that owns the site and the producer of the crack keeps on saying "it works" some idiot he is. And to make it worse he just cusses people for not reason, fucking dickhead. This site is good. can somone please help me!
dude, pac steam is shithouse... just wait for the freesteam releases :)

Definately... I'm gonna probably buy me some VIP on this forum (I mean donate lol) with this sweet thing.

Pac steam was the first crack I used... and I agree that it's shit. But then again, all cracks are the same... are they not? Only popcap downloads, and only cracked servers. Nevertheless, they are still all shit. =P
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