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Freesteam Clan Counter Strike Source SERVER

Discussion in 'The Chat' started by master data, April 26, 2007.

  1. master data

    master data Full Member


    freesteam clan has an own css server now:

    amd opteron 3,7 GHz
    2048 MB RAM
  2. aCursYm

    aCursYm Full Member

    If you are interested in a "mini" War..........contact us
  3. lark

    lark Full Member

    Why does it need a css server? How many members do you have?
  4. Light170

    Light170 Full Member

    can someone make a cracked css australia server ?
  5. Maxell

    Maxell Full Member

    why would someone make a server for FS its kinda dumb cause i dont think FS is a hacking clan or even a clan.
  6. Binary

    Binary Member

    If we have enough donations, that could proceed.

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