FreeSteam Meeting (IRC) July 13th

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Date: July 13th 2008
Pacific Time (-8) : 1:00 PM
Eastern Time (-5) : 3:00 PM
GMT Time (0) : 9:00 PM

Channel: #FS
The public will be meeting in that channel (official FS IRC channel) while staff members and respected/donators discuss in a private channel.

Topics being discussed
  • Ideas to raise funds, for site updates, server updates, and other work.
  • Business ventures, new ideas plus current ones.
  • Suggestions from the community to increase the sites quality and ease of use.
  • Offer members a chance to become more involved with the project.
  • Changes you would like to see, open to suggestion and comments.
  • Open discussion on any topic relating to FreeSteam.
  • Also there will be some news about changes still to take place here and other information about site updates, new features, and stuff about the newest FS Client.
  • There will be room for questions as well. Other topics may be brought up by request.

R U L E S - You will be banned from the meeting for breaking these rules.
  1. Do not speak unless it is directly related to the topic and you know that you have permission to speak.
  2. Do not ask questions about something not directly related to the topic. If you would like to ask a question, please message me privately through IRC, WorldWarIII.
  3. Do not use excessive curse words, profanity, or racism in any way.
  4. Do not flame against FS, staff, or members currently in the IRC.
  5. This meeting is open to FreeSteam members only, do not invite people from other sites, your friends, or people you know who have never been or know what FreeSteam is about.


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Glad to hear it.... Still quite a few hours a way, but I hope even if this is last minute a lot of people will show :)


Maestro of Meyhem
Brisbane is BMT +10 so.... its 7am on the 14th lol

i'll probbaly be there because i gotta wake up early anyway to do shit for uni


The meeting is now over. We achieved something on the second hour, there are still more work to do.


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Topics Covered:
- General info about Valve report.
- Some discussion about cafes, etc.
- A lot of discussion about the new "adbux" project.
--- Got a name and a site online, still much work to be done.
- Possibility of direct downloads for some games. Pay for bandwidth.
- A few other small things were also covered.

Next week at the same time we will have another meeting.
Closed for now. Logs will not be required.
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