Client - v2.3

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It should work about 10 times better overall for everyone :)
Yeah , waiting for this one as well it should be very good without any problems

Good luck in making it WorldWarIII :)
A lot of work is already done, the GUI for the most part will be much simpler as converting it would be complicated.
Hopefully within the next couple of days there will be a beta release for this.
if it works ill donate a shitload to freesteam :)
wanted to have VIP back in the cafe days but it all fell through :(
ahh well. bring it on!
When it is released to the public that is when all the beta/testing will occur. We will read all reports of errors, bugs, etc. Close the thread, but will allow.
Still being worked on, will be more of an RC than a beta.
new here :D will this free steam crack be able to play on any server. if so that would be great!!! Thx fo makin this too :D
Project discontinued due to lack of security in the application.
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