FreeSteam Site + Forum Updates

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Update list (to be completed, etc):

Bold = Completed
Italics = In Progress...

  • Forums were updated to vBulletin v3.7.2 thanks to Echo a day ago.
  • New forum rules will be added, current ones updated, and will be announced + enforced.
  • A lot of homepage work will occur including About & News page being put up fully.
  • A few forum modifications/re-arrange may occur to make these forums much more "Steam" oriented.
  • Some changes to some of the things currently in place will change.
  • Forum portal/CMPS will be removed.
  • With the increased # of users a day, we may implement some more user-friendly/fun things to the forums. Including a new weekly competition (such as p3ng3l has) to win Steam accounts, money, access, etc.
  • Our IRC will be used much more and have benefits for use, however, still being put into place. Our IRC: #FS on . IRC is a great place to chat, get help, and get news about FS all in one place. Note: This may replace our shoutbox.
  • A lot of GCFs have been added and should be utilized / advertised.
  • A new member group may be added, and the current private sections re-vamped.
  • Download sections cleaned.
  • Remove stupid MP3 player. :D
  • Other minor fixes, changes, and updates may occur.


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i still think we need an IQ test before we let people register :? they are getting more retarted as time goes on.


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Well, we are a public community, and we need a way to give them helpful tips from reg. I already have an auto-PM going.


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Thanks a lot. I am trying my best to improve the quality of this forum. As many of these changes and updates have needed to take place for quite some time.


Definitely shaping up to be a more exciting / information filled forum. Cannot wait to see what may be coming up or may be in store.. Good job.
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