FS Client (FSC) - v1.71

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If you have any suggestions, or bugs, report/submit them.
A lot of bugs should be fixed from before.

Version: v1.70
Date: March 9th 2008

• Steam Launch / Login
• Steam / Local Information
• Steam Bypasses (x3)
• Downloads + DL Info
• App Launch
• Steam News
• Auto Updater
• VIP section
• Info built in

Changes since v1.66
New features include the following:
- VAC2 Updates
- Network News (Off Server)
- VIP Addition

Fixes include:
- Downloads Tab, all downloads now working
- Downloading Steam Installer
- FSC Information Changed
- Password bypass modified
- Some code removed (worthless)
- Some code has been optimized to work better or to remove unneeded areas of it
- Fixed messages for the bypasses
- Removed intro message
- Other fixes may occur if needed.
- Fixed protection settings
- Compatible in VMWare

Screenshots here

.Net Framework files available > Here < [Place all files in your Windows\System32 directory]

Download Mirror #1 (RapidShare)
Download Mirror #2 (MegaUpload)


  • FSC v1.71.rar
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- you should have some kind of downloading screen when downloading a program so that u know that something is happening for slower downloads

- in download section the UnDead patch in *clients* and *other/sources* section have the same file name, so when try to download them both u get "error downloading this file, please try again later"
- steam password bypass still doesn't work i get a client error saying "Bypass not loaded, or back-up file does not exist / failed to be created"
Suggestion #1 - I'd rather not code an entire progress bar, but I will have a starting download box pop-up.
Error #1 - Different files, same name, I need to fix. (one is the client, the other is the source)
Error #2 - I will look at Steam password bypass again. I may know the error that you don't have the original file.
Lol got an error:
FS Client
Click 'OK' to attempt and download version: 1.70 of FSC

FreeSteam.org Client - v1.71
Downloads should be fully working. Requests / Bugs to Freesteam

Next Bug for VIP Zone. cant login:
FS Client
Username or password is incorrect, please try again.

I am having Troubles Getting this to load, i havent used free steam for about 6 months

yes i have downloaded the .net files and put them into my system32 folder
and then i downloaded the 1.71 client and placed it in my steam folder

when i run it, nothing happens for about 1 minute then a message box pops up saying

"An error has occurred, please try updating again later"
when i click okay, then i get another error message

"Unhandled Exception has occurred in your application. If you click continue,
the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue, if you click quit,
the application will close immediately

Could not find file 'Files\FSCV.dll"

the strange thing is, i have copied over the files folder, yet when u run the program it seems to delete FSCV.dll

any help?
i was using the previous version and i saw that new version came and downloaded and my antivirus said there is a trojan...
it didnt happen in the 1.6
1. Online malware scan
File: FSC_v1.71.rar
POSSIBLY INFECTED/MALWARE (Note: this file was only flagged as malware by heuristic detection(s). This might be a false positive. Therefore, results of this scan will not be stored in the database)
MD5: ce022a24220a46d8d5f25fd22ad77251
Packers detected:
Bit9 reports: File not found
Scanner results
Scan taken on 13 Mar 2008 14:33:21 (GMT)
Found nothing
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AVG Antivirus
Found nothing
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F-Prot Antivirus
Found nothing
F-Secure Anti-Virus
Found nothing
Found nothing
Found nothing
Kaspersky Anti-Virus
Found nothing
Found nothing
Norman Virus Control
Found nothing
Panda Antivirus
Found nothing
Rising Antivirus
Found nothing
Sophos Antivirus
Found Sus/ComPack (probable variant)
Found nothing
Found nothing
Virustotal. MD5: ce022a24220a46d8d5f25fd22ad77251 SHeur.AYFG Heuristic: Suspicious Self Modifying EXE Sus/ComPack
Datei FSC_v1.71.rar empfangen 2008.03.13 15:32:30 (CET)
Status: Laden ... Wartend Warten Ьberprьfung Beendet Nicht gefunden Gestoppt
Ergebnis: 4/32 (12.5%)
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Antivirus Version letzte aktualisierung Ergebnis
AhnLab-V3 2008.3.14.0 2008.03.13 -
AntiVir 2008.03.13 -
Authentium 4.93.8 2008.03.13 -
Avast 4.7.1098.0 2008.03.13 -
AVG 2008.03.13 SHeur.AYFG
BitDefender 7.2 2008.03.13 -
CAT-QuickHeal 9.50 2008.03.12 -
ClamAV 0.92.1 2008.03.13 -
DrWeb 2008.03.13 -
eSafe 2008.03.09 -
eTrust-Vet 31.3.5611 2008.03.13 -
Ewido 4.0 2008.03.13 -
FileAdvisor 1 2008.03.13 -
Fortinet 2008.03.13 -
F-Prot 2008.03.13 -
F-Secure 6.70.13260.0 2008.03.13 -
Ikarus T3.1.1.20 2008.03.13 -
Kaspersky 2008.03.13 -
McAfee 5250 2008.03.12 -
Microsoft 1.3301 2008.03.12 -
NOD32v2 2944 2008.03.13 -
Norman 5.80.02 2008.03.12 -
Panda 2008.03.12 -
Prevx1 V2 2008.03.13 Heuristic: Suspicious Self Modifying EXE
Rising 2008.03.13 -
Sophos 4.27.0 2008.03.13 Sus/ComPack
Sunbelt 3.0.930.0 2008.03.05 -
Symantec 10 2008.03.13 -
TheHacker 2008.03.12 -
VBA32 2008.03.13 -
VirusBuster 4.3.26:9 2008.03.12 -
Webwasher-Gateway 6.6.2 2008.03.13 Win32.Malware.gen (suspicious)

I dont think, that he put a virus in. Well. Which anti virus do you use? And what Trojan warning did you get and when?
It's packed, that's all. It connects to the internet on load to download files for the download tab, auto-updater, and directs to some pages for the news.
I believe the web browsers may be causing the error for win32.

@blake I will check out the problems, and modify a few things.
@Ray, I will look into it.
the downloaded files are in the folder where freesteam is located. ;)

And I have heard that the VIP account thing isnt working, will it be fixxed?
EDIT: I see somebody posted it already... oops... lol
I know, I've had some delays on it because of a pretty big error that will make the whole thing just lagg up your computer. Hopefully a fix out tomorrow for v1.74
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