FSC v2.0 - Dev. [ YOUR FIRST LOOK! ]

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Your first look at v2.0!

Thanks to the help of Hackless, we've been able to add a lot of features to the overall program. Hopefully after a bit more development I will get the GUI re-made to the old look and possibly do a bit more than that.

A lot of work has been done and we hope to have 2.0 out within a few days to a week.
We could easily add all steam games to it, but I have an idea to change it up to possibly only have games you have installed on there, and then a below list for uninstalled games, similar to the Steam games list.
It has yet to be re-added, but we have a system and a good secure way to make it work well.
In this 2.0 release will the Vip members have to log in with the password you give or we are we able to use our own passes and usernames?
You will register your own account through the program.

Screenshot #2
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