FSC v2.0 - Pre Release Information

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Ok, this is just information regarding the release of FSC v2.0 occurring March 6th 2008

Special Notes:
• Requires .NET Framework v2.0
• All 1.xx version support will be discontinued.

Feature List
• User system, for the client. This manages users, vips, respected, and staff.
• Login system at client start-up + registration is necessary. ( You need to make a login to use the app. ) Also an auto-login/remember password system.
• Steam account login system. Also, you can launch steam easily with custom command line parameters.
• Steam account manager with encrypted passwords. Similar look/usage of Eddy-K's account manager.
• Launch steam with cracked offsets.
• Quick launch steam games, more will be added. You are able to add more yourself.
• Quick Steam information.
• Download steam and steam for cafes.
• All FreeSteam Downloads will be available in the application.
• Exploits area that you can apply / revert exploits/tools. It also displays whether you need you can apply or revert the exploit/tool.
• Exploits/Tools include: Steam password bypass, Cafe / EULA bypass, Valve Hardware Survey Bypass, and HL1 HD Content.
• Steam news page available.
• All VAC2 updates will be displayed.
• FreeSteam IRC can be loaded from the app with a java IRC client.
• The FS Network news will be displayed off server for updates, down time, etc.
• Then, there is an admin CP, but details are only given to staff.
• There are settings / other .ini files to save anything you have done.
• Auto-Updater is also included to provide the most up-to-date versions of FSC at all times.

Screen shots




Probably in about 10 hours or so, hopefully sooner.
WorldWarIII, you are the best for ever!!!! when will you put the download link?

P.S: sry for my bad english i'm french :p
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