FSC v2.0 - Pre Release Information

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Ok, this is just information regarding the release of FSC v2.0 occurring March 6th 2008

Special Notes:
• Requires .NET Framework v2.0
• All 1.xx version support will be discontinued.

Feature List
• User system, for the client. This manages users, vips, respected, and staff.
• Login system at client start-up + registration is necessary. ( You need to make a login to use the app. ) Also an auto-login/remember password system.
• Steam account login system. Also, you can launch steam easily with custom command line parameters.
• Steam account manager with encrypted passwords. Similar look/usage of Eddy-K's account manager.
• Launch steam with cracked offsets.
• Quick launch steam games, more will be added. You are able to add more yourself.
• Quick Steam information.
• Download steam and steam for cafes.
• All FreeSteam Downloads will be available in the application.
• Exploits area that you can apply / revert exploits/tools. It also displays whether you need you can apply or revert the exploit/tool.
• Exploits/Tools include: Steam password bypass, Cafe / EULA bypass, Valve Hardware Survey Bypass, and HL1 HD Content.
• Steam news page available.
• All VAC2 updates will be displayed.
• FreeSteam IRC can be loaded from the app with a java IRC client.
• The FS Network news will be displayed off server for updates, down time, etc.
• Then, there is an admin CP, but details are only given to staff.
• There are settings / other .ini files to save anything you have done.
• Auto-Updater is also included to provide the most up-to-date versions of FSC at all times.

Screen shots



Probably in about 10 hours or so, hopefully sooner.


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Apr 11, 2007
Wow looks really great :). Will download it when you release it :). Looks pretty nice.


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Mar 12, 2008
WorldWarIII, you are the best for ever!!!! when will you put the download link?

P.S: sry for my bad english i'm french :p
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