Funny Quotes!

can u stop being such a hater u fucking ruin the mood in everything... pls dont post unless you have something useful to say
Lol what i go to say is not a quote and not very funny but i laught very much every time i remember it.

One day i go to TeamSpeak and in there are Marc and Echo.
Then they two say: hi ganan
Me: hi

And after some time Echo start talking about i dont know what, because my english is slow and how they two speak very fast i dont understad Nothing of what they two are talking.

So Echo starts talking: blablablabla blablabla heh blablabla
And Marc say: shhhh.... shhhhhhhhhh SHHHHHHHHH!!!

Echo stop talking and Marc say: Hi Ganan!

And then i wait and say: hi!

And after that Echo left and later Marc

Conclusion: they stop talking because they believe that i am listening when in fact iim not understanding anything and later after 30 minutes of continue talking in TeamSpeak the unique things i understod of what they are talking are:

Hi ganan, Mario Galaxy, SmashBros, Metroid Prime and Bye

LOL end.
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lol yea i know, but this is not the point of the post heh well dont care the ppl need to live it for know it

Anyway i edited what im talking about in the post for see if now the ppl can get it
I can speak English in about 5 types of accent.

Kiwi (NZ)

and a little bit of indian accent, but I think it's impossible.