Gagabux earn 4X more thn on neobux!


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hi there guys, i will explain how you can make easy money on the net by just clicking some ads on the site, earned money can be transfered to your paypal account

i think this one is even better than neobux since you get MORE ads -> 15+ a day

i will explain step by step what to do :)

1. register an account here

2. once registered, go to surf ads

3. click one add at a time, then click the red dot to continue, you will be redirected to the add page
there you will see a progressbar, wait till it's 100% before you close it

4. close the add and up to the next one till you've done them all, then wait for the next day to click again

5. once you will get 2.00$ in your balance you can cashout

6. any questions? just ask :D