Galcon Fusion Update Released

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    Updates to Galcon Fusion have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

    Steam Changes

    • Notifications move to top-right corner
    • Achievements no longer reset when you rank up. To reacquire any Achievements you lost, just rank up in any single or multi-player game and all your missing Achievements will re-appear.Fixed overlay in 4x3 aspect ratio
    Game Changes:

    • During multi-player games, player positions are now randomized.
    • Standoff countdown made quieter
    • All commands can now be tab-completed
    • Chat scroll-back less jumpy
    • Tweaked min/max options in multi-player
    • Changed away text so it is easier to read.
    • Box selections reset, unless pressing CTRLChanged music playing while observing a game
    Bug Fixes

    • Audio driver updated (fixes 64-bit linux compatibility)
    • Fixed can-can in team games.
    • Windows: fixed LAN / Local gamesFixed 16-bit graphics slow-down problems

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