Games say their 100% ready but dont work


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Everytime I go to run the game that is 100% ready it says

"This game is currently unavailable
Please try again at another time"

Has anyone got any ideas?
i have used
NCF game pack

Any ideas

Thanks in advanced guys :)


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No it wasn't valve test apps
It was devil may cry 3
I knew the test apps wouldn't work
because thats kinda obvious lol

Thanks echo
i will give that a try
I'll post back here if still having problems!


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ok echo, thanks for your help
it worked!
downloaded TF2 its great!
i've got a problem with TF2 though...
It wont let me play it
i can get onto the menu's but nothing else works
anyone have any ideas?
im confused

Thanks in advance :)


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Ok i have tried running it again
Im still getting the same message
"CD key activation invalid for internet servers"
I have tried hosting a game offline/online
Hosting a lan game
When i load up connect to game
" you must be running steam beta" or somthing....

Any solutions
Sorry for the trouble

Thanks in advanced :)


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ok I have tried the new undead patch
And your released patch
"steam beta must be running to make use of.."
no matter what i click it says that

Its got to the point where i dont think their are any other possible solutions
Or is their?