Garry's Mod 10(11) use the DoDs... and other .gcf Files

Discussion in 'Support & Help' started by CHEATERSHEAVEN, August 3, 2008.




    First: Sorry for my bad English, but I hope you can understand it.

    Yesterday I downloaded Garry's Mod 10 and I installed it.
    It works fine. Then I downloaded a DoDs and CSS add on-Pack.
    All weapons and models works great...
    But then I downloaded this Add-on Day of Download!

    It stands that DoDs is needed. But I have bought DoDs original. I can play it. But I have Garry's Mod 10 not original. And my question is: How can I use the .gcf Files from my games so that Garry's Mod 10 take all models and other things from my games so that I can spawn that ingame?

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