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Garrys Mod 11 Non Steam Free Easy Tutorial

Discussion in 'Steam Tutorials' started by Andreas-PM, May 24, 2011.

  1. Andreas-PM

    Andreas-PM New Member

    Hey, I'm posting this tutorial for people who want's Garrys Mod 11 for free.

    Please follow all steps, and this will works. Its quite easy!


    1) Download http://btjunkie.org/torrent/Garry-s.../3952d12c74cbb23fea9e1ffb3b130bd087fee1eb6078
    2) Create a new folder inside the C:/Programs, name it Garrys Mod
    3) Open the torrent download and open zip files 1 by 1 and drag them into Garrys Mod folder
    4) Open the "Game" folder
    5) Right click on hl2.exe and click create a shortcut
    6) Drag the new created shortcut on your desktop
    7) Rename it to Garrys Mod
    8) Right click and click Properties
    9) Add " -steam -game garrysmod -appid 4001- console", it should look like this:
    "C:\Program Files\Garry Mod\Game\hl2.exe" -steam -game garrysmod -appid 4001 -console
    10) Click OK
    11) You can now launch Garrys Mod 11

    Remember to have Steam closed when you play Garrys Mod, otherwise the game will not work.
    If you want's to play on some other servers, you will need to connect to the server through the console. All servers have an IP Adress and a Port. Would look like this:
    The hostmaster (creator of the game/server) shall just type in "status" in console, and then will it pop up.
    Then just type in:
    Connect 12.345.67.890:12345
    And then will it connects to the server!
    If you would like to create your own game, and want your friends to connect to you, and they are on another network, you will need to "Portforward".
    I know you have to have steam closed, but steam is still needed on your computer!

    Have fun!

    Other questions, contact [email protected]

    If you didn't understood this tutorial, please tell me!
  2. bustarap

    bustarap New Member

    I keep getting the error "You do not have Garry's Mod 10", and yes I have exited Steam correctly.
  3. Andreas-PM

    Andreas-PM New Member

    Hey bustarap, try holding down the two buttons "Ctrl and Alt", and press the delete button. Then go to "Start Joblist", processes, find Steam and right click at it, and click "End processtree" or something like that. Then try open Garrys Mod again.
  4. Pyro150

    Pyro150 New Member

    You must press Del + Ctrl + Shift. Go to Procress. Exit Steam.
  5. Where right click and click properties on the shortcut? and how do i "Add"
  6. toastslave077

    toastslave077 New Member

    hi im new here and was wondering what you meant by 'add' I understand the rest but im not sure where in the properties im supposed to add the text.
  7. Tuiq

    Tuiq New Member

    Is this working with Garry's Mod downloaded from cracked Steam?
  8. JJJusea

    JJJusea FS Member

    At the end of the target directory for example:
    Properties for Quake 3
    Target Type: Application
    Target: Quake3
    Target location: "C:\Games\Quake III Arena\Quake3\quake3.exe" +set blablabla
    Note: Make sure you add the command AFTER the quotation marks ("blablabla")

    Also if this is for standalone and NOT for playing on steam servers then . . . oh well, I guess if you really want it for free you could learn how to use console commands on GMod

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