Garry's Mod 12


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Is Garry’s Mod coming out for Mac?

I get at least 3 emails a day asking this. I’ve answered it everywhere. Yes – it is. I do not know when.

What’s the hold up? Come on we want it!

I’m working on it! The plan is to release the engine update on the PC first, to make sure all is well – then we’ll work on compiling it for Mac.

New engine? Cool? What’s new?

There isn’t that much new stuff. There’s one major new feature but I don’t know whether it works yet because it isn’t in any of Valve’s games and I haven’t played with it. We should get some performance and bug fixes though. Maybe multicore rendering.

Multicore rendering? Lua isn’t threaded – GMod can’t use it!

I don’t get why people keep telling me this. It’s bullshit. The majority of the Source Engine isn’t threaded either. The rendering is.

I don’t really understand the people that contact me thinking that having multicore rendering in GMod will make it run 4 times faster. It won’t. In 99% of situations it’s your graphics card that is making GMod slow – not your CPU.

Upgraded requirements?

I don’t think so.

Is this GMod 12?

Technically, yes. There aren’t any new amazing features though. Since GMod went retail on Steam (GMod 10) I’ve incremented the version every engine upgrade.

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