Garry's Mod / GMod 10 Free


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from a while ago:

This works well, i did it last night and played all day today, lots of fun (I played number 9 for like 6 months lol):

to start off with, what is Garry's mod?

Garry's mod is a modification for the half life 2 engine, that gives the player abilities to do anything they like, sorta like if there was a physics sandbox game mode in hl2.

official website:
media (videos etc):

How to get Garry's Mod 10 to work (for free)

- 8 Steps to Gmod 10 -

1. Get Steam (
2. Get a Steam account (empty or legit) I Haven't tested it with a empty account, but my mate says it works
3. Get Source GCF's (Find them here) (or find them otherwise, just make sure they are up-2-date)

These are the ones you need:

- base source engine 2.gcf (Download)
- counter-strike source client.gcf
- counter-strike source shared.gcf
- day of defeat source.gcf
- half-life 2 content.gcf
- half-life 2 deathmatch.gcf
- source materials.gcf
- source models.gcf
- source sdk base.gcf (Download)
- source sounds.gcf

4. Place your source GCF's into your steam\steamapps folder
5. Get Garry's Mod content GCF (Download - THIS IS NEEDED TO PLAY GMOD!)
6. Extract Garry's Mod GCF content into steam\steamapps\sourcemods with GCFSCAPE (Download GCF Scape)
7. Now we only need to Patch steam.dll with cIntX's patcher (Download - cIntX's patcher)
8. Open Steam & Play[/b]

some notes: a good idea is to download the files by downloading half life 2, CSS, DoD:S and HL2DM with a steam cafe account, this will ensure it works properly ( i did that) then, grab the gmod GCF and add it to steamapps folder and THEN patch the .dll, maybe sometime in the future tgs could have some cracked servers or something , idk lol



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okay I only have the demo, HL2, CSS, and the Base stuff and I try to run the game it just crashes with an error invovling HL2.exe so do I really have to get all of those files?


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No I Love No steAm
I am 80% addicted to Counterstrike. <a href="" target="_blank">What about you?</a>


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Nice Tut. I cant wait to try it. I just moved to Germany and still am waiting for my PC to be delivered for the states. :(Game withdrawal:( hah


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Garry's Mod / GMod 10 Free

from what i beleive, 11 isnt out yet

From what you believe is wrong.
Gmod 10 was the old garrysmod that was powered by the classic source engine.
Gmod 11 is the one powered by source 2007, it have been out for more than 2 years now.


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Garry's Mod / GMod 10 Free

From what you believe is wrong.
Gmod 10 was the old garrysmod that was powered by the classic source engine.
Gmod 11 is the one powered by source 2007, it have been out for more than 2 years now.

seriously? on their website their latest version is 10..


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Garry's Mod / GMod 10 Free

The only bad thing about this is that garry(the maker of garrysmod) is enabling VAC soon... So you will not be able to do this in the near future.


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Could you upload the source SDK Base to mediafire, because it's the fastest downloading site, and sorry for my english.

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A link would be real lovely. All i need is the garrysmod content GCF. I had downloaded it using p a cst eam (impossible to find nowadays) and now it says There is something wrong with your game files! Steam will now reaquire game files from the servers. I click yes, then it trys to load the game again and is a never ending loop untill i cancle at least.


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Garry's Mod / GMod 10 Free

mine is not working HELP!

To make it work you need to have an Cracked Steam:

here are all the files for Garrys mod:
(to make it work you just need Gmod Files and one game more,you cant download all if you want the models)

Gmod files:
Half-Life 2 files:
Half-Life 2: Lost coast files:
Counter Strike files:
Counter Strike: Sourse files:
Condition Zero:
Half-Life 2 episode 1 & 2 files:

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