Garry's Mod - May 3rd 2008


[ Respected ]
Garry's Mod

* Fingerposer now works with TF2 models
* Improved fingerposer UI accuracy
* Added GUI Skin chooser
* Added content mount chooser
* Added code to fix TF2 turrets spawning with unusable physics object
* Restricted content mounted by default
* Various player model fixes (Thanks to Nickolas George)
* Removed unused, exploitable commands (spectate etc)
* NPC Turrets now spawn facing away from you
* Separated lamps and lights from undo and limits
* Added Shield icon to Admin Only entities
* Added 'description' popups to context menu fields
* Fixed maxplayers not changing when starting a listen server after playing single player
* Fixed Barnacle crash
* Fixed Metropolice crash
* Fixed rare startup crash due to localization
* Fixed player spawned vehicle count being wrong
* Fixed some attributes not changing when clicking a light
* Fixed numberwang not working if textarea had key focus
* Fixed Lua error when putting an invalid number into numberwang
* Fixed crash when physgunning weapons into players
* Added lua_reloadents (for lua coders, to reload all Lua entities)
* Added some missing TF2 map icons (Thanks Namelezz)

# Fixed errors due to Lua Cache
# Fixed tutorials window not always showing up

First time trying Garrys mod.... It is strangely addicting:)

Messing with source physics is fun! :D Thanks for the update WWIII!