Garrysmod 10 won't run!


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Garrysmod 10 won't run! PLEASE HELP! I AM DESPERATE!!

I have been running Gmod for quite a while, when today steam said "Steam has found a problem with your local game files. Game files will now be re-acuired from the Steam servers" I click OK but it just keeps re-appearing. I have already tried re-installing Steam and re-downloaded the GCF from here, but nothing worked! I am using the Un-Dead Patch. Please Help!
I just tried to run Half-Life 2, and the same thing happens! Please help me ! I am desperate!


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Copy steam.exe and steam.dll from you're steam folder to a seperate folder. Run steam.exe and let it update and install the new steam. Patch it using the latest undead patcher, then copy the GCF files over and see if that works. If it does, start copying your saved content 1 by 1 and ensure the games still work, if you run into a problem while copying saved games etc... you should be able to narrow down your problem.