Gates to spend 20 percent of his time on Microsoft projects in retirement


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At a reception prior to the start of the D6 conference, Bill Gates held court among a throng of reporters. He explained some of the specifics of his July 1 "retirement" from daily duties at the company he founded. Gates said he would invert how he spends time today. Instead of 80 percent Microsoft and 20 percent the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, he will spend 20 percent of his time on Microsoft issues and the remainder on his foundation work.

Gates, who will remain chairman of Microsoft, said he will spend two to three days at Microsoft, where he will have an office, and two to three times that amount of time writing, thinking and working on a variety of pet projects, including the next generation Microsoft Office, natural interfaces (such voice and handwriting) and search. "I'm very involved in search, the internal development," Gates said. "We will build the world's best search." He didn't say with or without Yahoo, but that has been the Microsoft message.

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