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Discussion in 'Support & Help' started by canadaboy7000, November 3, 2007.

  1. canadaboy7000

    canadaboy7000 FS Member

    Ok so i downloaded the mini - gcfs pack from cs.rin.ru. (The gcfs thread no request thing) When i extracted the needed gcfs for Episode 2 into my steamapps folder they were named .mini.gcf on the end. I looked at my steam games list (after restarting steam) and episode 2 did not even show up on the installed/ my games.

    I have undead patch 3.00 wtf is wrong?

    BTW i think it might have something to do with the .mini.gcf on the end of them. I re-named them to .gcf but it did not work. then i took away the .gcf and .mini and still did not work

    I just looked at the GCFS with GCFscape. All the files are there in the gcfs...
  2. xxbr3ndanxx

    xxbr3ndanxx Full Member

    Get rid of the ".mini" from the file names. Then they'll work fine. ;)
  3. canadaboy7000

    canadaboy7000 FS Member

    Thanks hopefully it should work now
    edit: Connecting to steam account... nope doesent work

    I've also tried using a standalone launcher but it doesent show up there either....?

    Ok its working now. I deleted the .gcf on the end as well and it works :)

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