Gcf's, ncf's...need some help?


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I have a few questions,

I have a non-cracked steam,legit account etc... and i would like to keep it that way.

1. how do i add a gcf or ncf to my steamapps folder so it will let me download the game via steam?

2. There are alot of stand alone games on this site. but the game is usually broken up into several links. (do i download them all, if so what do it do) am i supposed to merge them somehow? i have jdownloader, i not sure if that has anything to do with this.

I'm a complete noob, right now

If anybody can help, i would be very grateful:)


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well first of, crack steam with a steam crack like MiSteam or iSteam
install it in your steam directory
first off, start making a blank steam account (just make a new account)
you can actually but make sure you only install/launch the games you own
launch your steam crack
Please note that not all games can be downloaded through cracked, you can find many games in your downloads section
and yes, you need to download all the parts, then you can extract/join them
unrar them in your steamapps folder, restart steam, play your game :)

Greetings GoldDraK


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How exactly do i join the files, do i put them all in one folder, after i extract them using winrar or other similar programs.
could you list a step by step for joining the files:)

Thank you for the response to the my questions, it was and is helpful, even if you don't want to make a step by step. or if it is inconvenient. i appreciate the help.:)


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How do i upload a steam game i bought, do i simply copy the files and upload them using my rapidshare premium account, or do i have to take certain files out of the game?
and would i still be able to play the game i uploaded, without getting banned?

(im not bragging, it's the only sharing site i have an account on)

here are the games i have

America's army 3

Dangerous waters

counterstrike source

World in conflict

world in conflict soviet assualt


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alright, i'm uploading it now it may take a bit, i'll send you the link when it's done

Golddrak, do i need to have cracked steam for your downloads such as splinter cell to work? i downloaded that game extracted all of it into steam apps, the splinter cell common folder is in common, what did i do wrong? file corruption maybe?