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Discussion in 'Support & Help' started by Mezedoulis, March 29, 2010.

  1. Mezedoulis

    Mezedoulis FS Member

    Please go easy with me I'm a huge noob.
    First of all can someone help me with the steam up installation?
    I've downloaded SteamUp and transferred the files (Launcher.exe, Readme.txt, SteamUp.dll and SteamUp.ini) to the Steam file under Program Files. When I click on Launcher.exe after that though, it gives me a pop-up that says SteamUp! v.2.1.4 -Rev Crew and then it shows an error which says : Unable to find configuration.
    C:/Program Files/Steam/SteamUp!.v.2.1.4-REVOLUTiON/steam.exe

    What's a key steam activator?
    Is there a way to acess community and friends without needing to buy a game legally?
    And i forgot what else I wanted to say.
  2. immbad

    immbad FS Member

    maybe try to download undeadpatch instead of upsteam
    a steam key activator is a internet side or prgramm who wants to steam your account
  3. Mezedoulis

    Mezedoulis FS Member

    I've got already Undead and SteamUp!,but I read in the instruction of SteamUp! that Steam will let you have acess to all apps.So I don't know which is better SteamUp! or Undead?
  4. immbad

    immbad FS Member

    steam up is better because you can start steam normal and with crack
    when u use undeadpatch you need to delete a file sto start steam normal

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