Getting GMod to work with non steam hl2


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How can i get garrys mod to work with the no steam standalone version of HL2?Preferably gmod9 i guess since i already have it.

I put the gmod9 folder in my hl2 directory and launched gmod with -game gmod9 -steam but i get an error saying "Extra App id set to 320,but no SteamAppID"


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Well im glad somebody knows what theyre doing when it comes to this because this guy on another forum just told me to put it in the hl2 directory even though i explained everything to the T and im pretty new to modding valve games,or any source games for that matter.

Maybe ill get somewhere with this now.Thank you!


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I got to the main menu but it wont let me do anything when i click single player or mod manager but i can go to every thing else.

EDIT:I have a feeling its missing something,i guess ill download the sdk....?

Also i meant to ask,does a person need CS:S to run gmod9?Ive seen a number of people arguing over that.Some say yes others say no you just need a source game.

UPDATE:Found some game saves,loaded them and they get me into the arena but the menu doesnt work and no models are loaded.What am i missing?


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CS:S isn't necessary to play.
I remember there being a unmount/mount menu.
Yes, try downloading SDK and the Source base.
Some models will be errors if you don't have CS:S.
Also, why do you bother with GM9 when there's GMod10


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Ok,thanks for the help man I should be able to get it from here,if not ill find the answers somewhere.

Why do i bother with gm9?,Because i already had it and basically,i just wanted to try it but ill probably go ahead and get 10.