gfx tutorial


Bringing Sexy Back!!
1. First thing you want to do is make a new document. Go to file>new and make a 400x150 pixel.
2. now, Use Jashin's Brush set and make a background. To make a good background, Fill in the background with black and choose a white brush color. Choose a brush from the set and paint it anywhere, than make a new layer every-time you use a new brush. (layer>new>layer) and fill it in on the blank spots. When you are done, it will look something like this,

3. Than when you are done, merge all the layers together.
4. Now you have to make a new brightness/contrast layer. (Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Brightness/contrast.)
5. And Turn Up the Hue to +4 and the brightness -4. When you are done it should look something like this,

6. Now On That Layer do (Filter>render>clouds)
7. Now Copy And Paste in your render. Im Using Link.

8. Now Copy Paste In Your Render.
9. Now you will take out your lasso tool and outline it. It Doesn't Have to Be perfect.

10. Now You will make a layer mask.

11. Now You Will make a new layer. (Layer>New>Layer) And make the layer mode to color.

12. Now we have to choose a color that matches with the render. In this case, green.
13. When You Are Done it will look something like this,

14. Now, to make a grunge sig everything must be the same tone, in grunge sigs the tone is sharp. So we will adjust the sharpness of the render. So click on the render layer and go (Filter>Sharpen>Sharpen.) and do this twice. And set the opacity of the render to 65%
15. Now We Will Make The Render Look Nicer. We will add a pretty border. First, We click on the background layer and do (ctrl+a) or (Select>All) than go to (edit>stroke) And Click these settings.

16. Than do the same things but with these settings.

17. Now do it the last time with these settings,

18. And Now, Zoom in by (ctrl+"+") or (view>zoom in) And than take the magic wand tool and delete the white part. And when you finish you get a really nice and pretty background.

19. Now for the finishing touch. Make a new document (File>New) and make it 3x3.
20. And now zoom in all the way using (ctrl & + at the same time) now take your pencil tool and make this pattern.

21. Now do, (Edit>Define Pattern) and click ok.
22. Now go to the paint bucket tool. And choose pattern. now find the pattern you have created. and click.
The Out-Come Should Be,

Add Some Text And That Will Be A Finished Sig :D.
Enjoy :D
(My Sig May Look Weird Because My Photoshop Suddenly crashed and i had to use a backup)

- Sig made my nightreaper999
Not a bad little tutorial, although, there are soooo many things in Photoshop it's insane lol.
yes there are so many things plus plugins and there are 1000s of those altho i have never found a use for most of them