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    • Professions can have a Uniform assigned to them. If a Gnome is in a Squad, the Squad uniform is used instead
    • A Uniform can be assigned as the Default Uniform for all Professions from the Population Overview menu. Professions can be assigned to use the Default, No Uniform or a specific Uniform
    • Removed Militia Perk. All Squad members will perform jobs when not on duty
    • Armor decreases the rate at which jobs complete. Metal slows down more than leather
    • Gnomes not in a Squad will prioritize retreating to stop bleeding over staying and fighting
    • Gnomes not in a Squad will always attempt to run from enemies. Previously they would fight unarmed goblins or potentially unarmored goblins with 1 weapon
    • Added import and export options for Military settings
    • Moved Professions import/export buttons to the Pause menu
    • Windows will keep their size and position during a game session

    • Professions with a space in the name not importing correctly
    • Sometimes not importing the last Profession
    • Market Stall UI not correctly scrolling with the mouse wheel
    • Fix crash when resizing Market Stall UI while a merchant is not present
    • Gnomes sometimes falling asleep when digging down
    • Mant spawns effectively being 1 tier above where they should have been, ie spawning as if you had iron when you had bronze

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