Gnomoria Updated

  • Gnomes now eat/drink until full instead of eating until no longer starving or dying of thirst
  • Gnomes will now look for the closest food/drink instead of the best followed by the closest
  • Underground farm
    • Requires plots to be muddied with water before planting
    • Mud will dry out in sunlight but otherwise remains

  • Added mushrooms which can be grown in an underground farm
  • Merchants now stock mushroom seeds
  • Added Grove and Underground Farm to action bar
  • Added cheese, mushroom tea and various omelettes
  • Food and drink quantities on the HUD turn red when 0

  • Fixed
    • Gnomes kicking each other out of chairs in the great hall
    • Regular plants growing underground
    • Gnomes not starting the Remove Floor job if they are standing on the job site and can't path to an adjacent tile