Gonna Get In A Fight Next Week

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Well recently at school I was hanging out with my friends but today theres this guy who hangs out with us but no one considers him a *good* friend so I see him bullying one of my friends just because he can't stand up for himself so this makes me real angry like I gotta stand up for the poor guy or something. Some info about the antagonist: Kinda fat, only about an inch or 2 taller than me, possibly emo since he carved words on his arm with a knife, probably slow reactions due to the fact that he does all these drugs everyday ie crack,weed,cigarettes,meth etc...personally I think I can beat him up but I want your guy's opinions where would you hit him etc and how would you do it :p
Sorry I don't think most people will really care for example where I live theres fights every day, car accidents etc this isn't a blog its a steam hacking forum. :p

KICK HIS ASS!, Make sure you have a weapon just incase he has one, who knows what could happen but yeah, my friend was gett pushed around by a random guy so i punched him in the mouth and got kicked out of the school for the day and he never picked on any of my friends :)
lol people tease me at school.... well i dropped out of school now but when i went people teased me.... there was this one kid who used to tease me and i like dropped him on the bus... he doesnt say shit about me anymore tho >.>
lol people tease me at school.... well i dropped out of school now but when i went people teased me.... there was this one kid who used to tease me and i like dropped him on the bus... he doesnt say shit about me anymore tho >.>

See, all you have to do is fight back, people at my school don't try to pick on me because they know i will drop them or at least try lol:cool:
altho the school i went to was getting really strict and you would get suspended for fighting >.>
or you know you can stop being a nerd or whatever and people just won't tease you... and trust me, taking drugs doesn't really slow down your reflex's, alot of my mates used to take drugs and they got fast reflex's.

anyway my mate is a boxer and he just said to throw straight punch's (don't swing, push with your shoulder) and to not always go for the head cause you'll break the bones in your hand. You should aim for the body alot.
i get teased because i am fat... really dont care if they tease me just a reason to hit them really...
lol most of my mates are bloody huge, like 6"8 and stuff so nobody really bothers me but then again i never give them a reason to even try
no worries and don't take a weapon into the fight, if he does trust me the crowd and his reputation will finish him
Personally I don't think fighting is the smartest way to go about issues. Then again, beating the shit out of them is good too. I think im 6'1" and like 170-180, I can EASILY beat this shit out of anyone. Good advice from that boxer, although my knuckles are huge it still hurts like a bitch when you punch them in the skull. I suggest right under the ribs and into the stomach if you can, it will knock the wind out of them for about 5 - 15 seconds. If your are losing, make fist and point the middle joint in your middle finger out and punch him right in the adamsapple, it hurts SO bad.

If people call you something you aren't set them straight, but if they call you something you are it's not their fault for calling you that since that's what you are lol. BTW, DON'T get a crowd, witnesses fuck stuff up, just do it in some place where alot of people aren't.. Well, unless you want to get suspened for fighting idk nor do I care.
your hand is full of tiny bones... like i mean alot of them. The skull in the most part is one large thick bone made to protect the skull. If you punch them in the head yoru hand wil give way before the skull will no matter how big yoru hand is (within reason)
Dont fight. Only fight back if you are defending your self. Fighting will not solve a problem between you and him, because frankly you are boys. Boys always want the upperhand and will not quit after a fight.Try bieng friendly to him, but NOT TOO friendly. I presonally had many enemies in my school but by time they turned into my friends, very close friends i must say .

Fighting will not make peace =)
Azngamer, grow bigger balls THAN talk.

I agree on not starting a fight unless the other person starts. When you get cought DO NOT say "They started it!", rather say "Have you ever been bullied around and made fun of constantly?". The teacher or principle will relate, see what has happened and if your lucky, they will think you were protecting yourself. And don't tell your friends "I'm going to get in a fight", people have weird ways of getting information from people.
yeah erix is right about the 'they started it' comment and somewhat on the telling people one. If you say something along the lines of what he said then odds are you'll get into less trouble but don't get to carried away :p. And with the not telling people. have like 5 people there incase things go wrong. Bring peopel who will back up your story and you know won't back stab you
stop plz

It is nerving us all ^^'

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I don't really like to get in fights.. I want to live more, unlike other bad ases.. Ill stand up for myself but usually ovoid trouble.. sounds gay but its the best idea.
of course you should try to avoid them, but frankly you can't always do that. Sometimes you have to fight or things will get out of hand
in my opinion if that poor kid is your friend you should hang with him and if that faggot comes up and starts talking to that kid, step up and back him up. It also depends on what type of a guy you are(tough, etc) and your overall seeing of situation.. if you want to fight him, it wouldnt be smart to get suspended.. Anyway, as erix said punch him hard in the ribs.. or you could always pop him in the balls with leg kick which believe me will swing the momentum your way.
man never go for the balls unless your really desperate... its it seriously a cheap manuvour and will tarnish your reputation...
Get either a base ball bat Or a CrowBar get him in the face a little under the eyes and then hit him in the sack and run [Dont lave the weapons there take em with u and u gun out of there]
Don't fight. Only idiots fight. Tell him where you want to fight etc... but have the cops already there so he gets into shit, did that with 2 guys already lol, they were scared shitless.
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