Gratuitous Space Battles Update Released

Updates to Gratuitous Space Battles have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Version 1.37

  • Bug Fix: Random distribution of damage impacts is more random than before.
  • Bug Fix: Plasma torpedoes and ECM effects no longer animate for a while after pausing when at high speed.
  • Usability: All battle sounds now stop when you end the battle.
  • Bug Fix: random loading screen choices are now more truly random.
  • New Feature: Complete overhaul of the post-battle statistics screen with better charts and graphs showing who damaged who.
  • Bug Fix: Frigate tractor beam now correctly displays all its data on the ship design screen.
  • New Feature: For mods... Game now supports variable parallax terrain items to allow fixed backgrounds.
  • New Feature: Flickering nebula lightning effect in background of selected scenarios.
  • Ship engine noise is now also controlled by the sound effects volume slider.
  • Balance: A number of balance changes have been made.
  • Bug Fix: The list of ship name categories no longer spills out of the rename window if you have too many lists.
  • Bug Fix: If you uninstall an expansion or mod with the current race set to a now not-installed race, the game defaults silently back to federation now.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed crash bug (rare) when splash damage from ship detonations detonated an already just-exploded ship.
  • Bug Fix: The retaliate button at the end of a challenge now correctly only appears if you won.The original four races now have twice as much variation in their debris.