Great account! Amazing Games Collection! (33 Games) account made in 2007 with 8 digits!


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Feb 1, 2011
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Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

Hey guys this is my first time selling my steam account.. because I absolutely love my games and I never wanted to sell them but now I really need some financial assistance.

This account is made in 2007 and I've filled it up with really good games. The price is negotiable. If you offer me a good price I am willing to give you a FREE Original WarIII & Frozen Throne game (legitimate proof provided) Reason is, I quit playing dota and I am willing to offer this $40 worth game to someone who offers me a fair price for my account. Price offer is at bottom post.

I have provided you with all information about my games and safety account:

When I was looking up the prices in steam to calculate my account worth,I ALSO INCLUDED THE SPECIALS, otherwise the price of my account would be $624 instead(steam calculator image)

Steam Calculator:
You can use this to view the games on a list.

Steam-ID in CS:
My account is 8 digited. If you look at the steam calculator image you will notice the same steam id.

Steam VAC + Email Changeable:
I changed my email and left it unverified to prove you that my email is changeable and my account not cracked.

Legitimate proof of WarIII & Frozen Throne. I have it registered in Battlenet. The game CDs can easily be downloaded from battlenet. CDkeys and Battlenet account info will be given.

Price: I have put alot of money ever since 2007 in this account. I'm asking for a fair price.
Bid starts at $100.

contact information
Facebook: Nima Nimo Khalighi
Skype: Nima.Nimo

Post the offers here instead of pm please