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GreenLuma 1.3.1

Discussion in 'Clients Cracks And Launchers' started by Steam006, November 13, 2010.

  1. Steam006

    Steam006 New Member


    GreenLuma Features:
    Show all games/tools in steam
    Filter ValveTestApps
    Can show ValveTestApps in the game list (GreenLuma.ini)
    Download Trackmania Nations Forever (GreenLuma.ini)
    Steam2 and Steam3 Subscriptions are patched
    Can be used to host cracked servers (Steam2 Only)
    Disabled Steam Minidump Creation
    Serverbrowser in Left 4 Dead
    Multiwinia start in "Accepted" mode
    No CD-Key needed to play Doom3
    Force Offline Mode (GreenLuma.ini)
    Failed to contact key server is removed
    ATI and Nvidia offer patch (GreenLuma.ini)
    Replace email address (GreenLuma.ini)
    Play free games online such as Synergy
    Play games with custom protection such as Race
    Bypass the PurchaseCountry check (GreenLuma.ini)
    Replaced the "sponsor" picture
    A log file is created, please post it if you are having any problems
    Launch outdated games (NCF games) (GreenLuma.ini)
    DLC Patch (GreenLuma.ini)
    CEG Memory Patcher
    Disabled news messages when starting Steam including marketing messages
    Supports the "-clientapp" parameter
    GreenLuma.exe supports -remove, -install, -close (like UnDead.Injector))

    GreenLuma Change Log:

    Version 1.0
    First Release

    Version 1.1
    Replaced the "sponsor" picture
    Added patch for Steam3 Subscriptions
    Added Left 4 Dead Downloader (GreenLuma.ini)
    Fixed SteamID Function
    Cleaned up code

    Version 1.2
    Fixed steamclient.dll callbacks
    Added CEG Memory Patcher
    Disabled news messages when starting Steam including marketing messages
    Added new GreenLuma.exe from Darth Revan, supports -remove, -install, -close (like UnDead.Injector)
    Valve disabled the Left 4 Dead account, new account added (See GreenLuma.ini for more infomation)
    Improved Windows API hooking

    Version 1.3
    Improved CEG Patcher
    Removed Downloader Mode
    Added patch for Zombie Mode in BlackOps

    Version 1.3.1
    Fixed crash when Steam exit

    Copy GreenLuma.dll, GreenLuma.ini, GreenLuma.exe and Graphics folder to your steam folder, Edit GreenLuma.ini as you like it and start Steam with GreenLuma.exe.


    My Forum:
    s006.freeforums.org • Index page

    Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

    If the patcher doesn't work, install this: Download details: Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)
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  2. Denis_95

    Denis_95 New Member

  3. batering77

    batering77 New Member

    theres a problem. Whenever i try to start steam with greenluma, it says: Steam.exe (main exception ): Unable to load library GreenLuma.dll, Win32 Error 126 ''the specified module could not be found.''

    Please help thanks. I need this so i can use the gmod crack. Steam found out so now i need the garry's mod client patch, but for that i need greenluma since its not yet compatible with the normal steam cracked with undead patch...
  4. Echo419

    Echo419 FS Owner

  5. batering77

    batering77 New Member

    huh? i went to your thread, and all i saw was a fix for ''unable to shade polygons normal and trouble with unable to receive audio online. The 2nd link which said: Steam.dll not okay? brings me to this page. Which download should i use on your thread? please help me, I'm kinda confused right now. Thanks in advance though
  6. shade399

    shade399 New Member

    Great! I can even download some games through Steam! (garry's mod and Left 4 Dead are the only reasons I needed a crack)

    Also... Whatever a Luma is, I want one. :p
  7. guit5412

    guit5412 New Member

    Hello, I'm new and I'd like to have some precisions.
    I've download GreenLuma, and opened it, but I don't know how can I download games and I'd like to know if I can play online with Steam players. Could anyone answer me ? Thanks !
  8. SheerFaith

    SheerFaith New Member

    getzinjg the message -->> steam must be running !?
    any help please
  9. SuperLumaMario

    SuperLumaMario New Member

    the luma is a creature created for mario galaxy so if u want to see more of them go and buy a wii and a copy of mario galaxy or mario galaxy 2

    hey i am having trouble when i open it i don't have any games in it do i just click the game in the store that i want and get it?
    plz help
  10. nickdevries

    nickdevries New Member

    It Says could not open bin\steamservice.exe
    And gives a shit load of malware ERRORS
  11. JJJusea

    JJJusea FS Member

    thats because your steam probably updated, if you downloaded the installer before this update for steam and copied the 'old' steam files from BELOW.

    THEN use greenluma, it should work then.

    EDIT: If you didn't know since the recent (21.09.11) Steam client update, all steam cracks stopped working.

    EDIT 2
    There is news GreenLuma is working since the (02.11.11) update

    P.S. Dynamic memory patching have turned us into over-dependant useless brats.
  12. Elfragor

    Elfragor New Member

    Love it !!
  13. Coridus

    Coridus New Member

    Multiupload was shut down by the feds so no more link.
  14. Ethang22

    Ethang22 New Member

    need new link tired of these bullshit links
  15. TomasUtka

    TomasUtka New Member

    OMG last year I downloaded old Green Luma and it worked and on 19/05/2013 I downloaded new green Luma and it still work!
    But on 24/05/2013 I downloaded New Green Luma (AGAIN) and it didnt work! :(
    So Green Luma can you help me please


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