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GreenLuma 2.4.2

Discussion in 'Clients Cracks And Launchers' started by CampStaff, March 4, 2012.

  1. CampStaff

    CampStaff FS Member


    GreenLuma Features:
    Show all games/tools in steam
    Filter ValveTestApps
    Can show installed applications only (GreenLuma.ini)
    Steam2 and Steam3 Subscriptions are patched
    Can be used to host cracked servers
    Disabled Steam Minidump Creation
    Multiwinia start in "Accepted" mode
    No CD-Key needed to play Doom3
    Force Offline Mode (GreenLuma.ini)
    Failed to contact key server is removed
    Play free games online such as Synergy
    Play games with custom protection such as Race
    Replaced the "sponsor" picture
    Log file is created, please post it if you are having any problems
    Launch outdated games (NCF and GCF games) (GreenLuma.ini)
    Low Violence patch
    DLC Patch (GreenLuma.ini)
    Disabled news messages when starting Steam including marketing messages
    Supports the "-clientapp" parameter
    Disable MinimumFootprintFilesRefresh (GreenLuma.ini)
    Source Engine Focus Patch
    Achievement and Stats Patch
    Garry's mod is patched
    Download half-life engine.gcf (GreenLuma.ini)
    Download counter-strike source client.gcf (GreenLuma.ini)
    Able to create cracked dedicated servers with LumaServerPatcher

    LumaServerPatcher (Source) Info:
    1. Copy GreenLuma.dll and GreenLuma.ini to the same folder as srcds.exe.
    2. Open the bin folder and rename dedicated.dll to ValveDedicated.dll.
    3. Copy the new dedicated.dll to the bin folder.

    LumaServerPatcher (GoldSrc) Info:
    1. Copy GreenLuma.dll and GreenLuma.ini to the same folder as hlds.exe.
    2. Rename FileSystem_Stdio.dll to ValveFileSystem_Stdio.dll.
    3. Copy the new FileSystem_Stdio.dll to the same folder.
    4. Replace Steam.dll (in your server folder) with the original one from your steam folder.

    LumaServerPatcher (RO2) Info:
    1. Copy GreenLuma.dll and GreenLuma.ini to the same folder as rogame.exe.
    2. Rename physxextensions.dll to ROExtensions.dll.
    3. Copy the new physxextensions.dll to the same folder.
    4. Start the server with ro2server.bat.

    GreenLuma Change Log:

    Version 1.0
    First Release

    Version 1.1
    Replaced the "sponsor" picture
    Added patch for Steam3 Subscriptions
    Added Left 4 Dead Downloader (GreenLuma.ini)
    Fixed SteamID Function
    Cleaned up code

    Version 1.2
    Fixed steamclient.dll callbacks
    Added CEG Memory Patcher
    Disabled news messages when starting Steam including marketing messages
    Added new GreenLuma.exe from Darth Revan, supports -remove, -install, -close (like UnDead.Injector)
    Valve disabled the Left 4 Dead account, new account added (See GreenLuma.ini for more infomation)
    Improved Windows API hooking

    Version 1.3
    Improved CEG Patcher
    Removed Downloader Mode
    Added patch for Zombie Mode in BlackOps

    Version 1.3.1
    Fixed crash when Steam exit

    Version 1.4
    Added option to disable and enable logging (GreenLuma.log)
    Added patch for Black Ops multiplayer (create a server with: /map "map name here") (requires update 1 from SKIDROW)

    Version 1.4.1
    Added patch for Black Ops multiplayer console (requires update 1 from SKIDROW)

    Version 1.4.2
    /sv_cheats 1 can now be used in Black Ops MP
    Fixed "awaiting challenge"

    Version 1.4.3
    Performance, Stability fixes
    Fixed/Improved CEG patcher
    Improved ForceLaunchApp function
    Removed Black Ops MP patch
    Added Disable MinimumFootprintFilesRefresh feature
    Fixed that some games wouldn't start
    DLC patch is enabled by default
    Fixed SteamIsAppSubscribed function

    Version 1.4.4
    Can now host cracked servers in most games
    Low Violence patch
    Improved DLC patch
    Choose Subscriptions from Subscriptions.ini (Only works when "Subscriptions" is = 5 in GreenLuma.ini
    Steamclient.dll is loaded from registry instead from directory
    Able to create lobbies so other people can join by IP
    Masterserver patched to setti masterserver

    Version 1.4.5
    Can show installed applications only (GreenLuma.ini)
    Fixed crash when steam or a game closes
    Fixed Trackmania Nations Forever download and play, enable this in GreenLuma.ini
    Fixed SteamID generation in some old games

    Version 2.0
    Added Source Engine Focus Patch http://cs.rin.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=58773
    Added Steam.dll Emu code, read more in GreenLuma.ini
    Added SteamUI.dll Patches read more in GreenLuma.ini
    Fixed a bug with CEG Patcher
    Added Achievement and Stats patch
    Temporarily removed master server patch
    Fixed some SteamID stuff
    Fixed .ini file read code
    Fixed some steamclient.dll callbacks
    Fixed a crash when MinimumFootprintFilesRefresh is disabled
    Now patching IClient interfaces, disable this in GreenLuma.ini if steam starts to crash.

    Version 2.0.1
    Fixed Server Patcher
    Fixed "You are in insecure mode" error

    Version 2.0.2
    Added some missing achievement and stats interfaces
    Fixed SteamGameServer010 interface
    Fixed an crash in TF2, CSS and L4D2
    Fixed TF2 SteamID - http://cs.rin.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=59089

    Version 2.0.3
    Fixed crash in HL2, Portal and Black Ops

    Version 2.0.4
    Fixed LumaServerPatcher not reporting correct server info
    Prepared for Portal 2
    Fixed a few bugs

    Version 2.0.5
    Added support for GameCoordinator emulator (GreenLuma.ini)
    Added half-life engine.gcf download (GreenLuma.ini)
    Added Garrys mod patch
    Added option to load another clientapp than SteamUI.dll (GreenLuma.ini) http://cs.rin.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=57205
    Patching some more Steamclient callbacks
    Steamclient.dll Interfaces updated
    Fixed error when revemu has been used

    Version 2.0.6
    Fixed servers after source engine update.
    Fixed crash in source engine games.
    Fixed UAC issue.
    Fixed steam crashing with new update.
    Fixed game launch.
    Some small changes to GreenLuma.exe.
    LumaServerPatcher.exe removed, replaced by dedicated.dll.

    Version 2.0.7
    Removed Steam.dll emu code from GreenLuma.dll
    Fixed SteamService.exe not being able to start when using GreenLuma
    Fixed SteamID is always 0
    Fixed bugs that was caused by steam update
    Fixed only legit players are listed when creating a cracked server with GreenLuma (not tested)
    Fixed Steam Validation Rejected (not tested)
    Added SteamClient011 to support new games

    Version 2.0.8
    Fixed crash when connecting to a dedicated server
    Some minor fixes

    Version 2.0.9
    Fixed "ghosts" showing connected (Thanks to bir3yk)
    Fixed SteamID for Revemu users

    Version 2.1.0
    Added lobbypatch (beta)
    Fixed Servers and SteamID in new games
    Fixed SteamID in older games
    Fixed ghosts
    Fixed Steam Validation Rejected
    Fixed crash when steam restarts
    Added Anti-repack
    Added server crack for GoldSrc games

    Version 2.1.1
    Fixed "game is unavailable" error when starting some games
    Fixed "show installed only" mode
    Added setti masterserver patch (GreenLuma.ini)
    Added Black Ops Multiplayer patches to play with bots.
    Added ability to change game language (GreenLuma.ini)
    Added hybrid subscription mode (GreenLuma.ini)
    Updated install instructions for LumaServerPatcher (GoldSrc)

    Version 2.1.2
    Fixed crash when steam restarts

    Version 2.1.3
    Enabled DEP on Windows XP
    Added zombiemode patch

    Version 2.1.4
    Fixed SetProcessDEPPolicy error on Windows XP SP2 and below
    Removed Blackops patches
    Fixed SteamGuard error

    Version 2.1.5
    Fixed runtime error
    Some changes to anti repack popups

    Version 2.1.6

    Version 2.1.7
    Fixed crash in source engine games
    Removed SteamUI.dll patches
    Removed broken CEG patcher
    Anti-Repack is more user friendly

    Version 2.1.8
    Fixed crashes caused by Steam update
    Fixed some games that crashed on startup with 2.1.7

    Version 2.1.9
    Fixed ghosts
    Fixed "Internal Error 4" when the GC Emu is being used
    Temporary disabled steamclient.dll patching in GoldSrc games. (Not affecting LumaServerPatcher)
    Fixed typo in GreenLuma.ini

    Version 2.2.0
    Fixed subscription patching after new steam update
    Removed lobby patch
    Removed some subscription options from GreenLuma.ini

    Version 2.2.1
    Fixed game list
    Fixed some games not working
    Repalced GreenLuma icon with a new one from Vsilvar

    Version 2.2.2
    Fixed game list for empty accounts (Fix by CPAMX)

    Version 2.2.3
    Fixed some games not starting
    Fixed cdkey server error in offline mode
    Fixed "#steam_library_filter_allapplications" menu

    Version 2.2.4
    Improved logging
    Fixed memoryleaks in GreenLuma.dll and GreenLuma.exe
    Fixed some source mods generate wrong SteamID
    Added infomation boxes when starting CEG or SteamStub protected games (GreenLuma.ini)
    Added RO2 dedicated server crack
    steam.cfg is now allowed in the steam folder
    Removed the email replacement feature (Not working anymore)
    Removed the custom parameters when staring L4D and L4D2
    Removed the bypass country check patch (Not working anymore)
    Removed the lobby patch (Not working anymore)
    Fixed crash caused by new steam update

    Version 2.2.5
    GreenLuma works for XP users again

    Version 2.2.6
    Fixed CRT error when starting GreenLuma.exe

    Version 2.2.7
    Added counter-strike source client.gcf download (GreenLuma.ini)
    Fixed steam creating a minidump everytime steam starts
    Fixed some games that would not start
    Fixed some CEG protected games not being able to start even with cracked files
    Removed support for gamecoordinator emulator
    Fixed crash in L4D1
    Fixed crash in Magicka
    Removed the language patch (some games crashed with it)
    Fixed crash caused by new steam update
    Fixed slow startup in garrysmod

    Version 2.2.8
    Fixed crash on some computers.

    Version 2.2.9
    Fixed garrysmod not mounting Day of Defeat Source, HL2EP1 and HL2EP2
    Fixed "Internal Error 17"

    Version 2.3.0
    Fixed crash caused by steam update
    GreenLuma.exe no longer force admin rights
    Fixed Garrysmod
    GreenLuma version is displayed in the "about" window in steam

    Version 2.3.1
    Fixed possible crash
    Fixed Portal not starting
    Removed the GreenLuma version number from the "about" window in steam

    Version 2.3.2
    Improved ForceLaunchApp, outdated GCF games can now be started if the minimum footprint files are already extracted.
    Fixed slow Steam startup
    Fixed Race07 and Race Injection not starting
    Updated DLC patch
    Fixed garrysmod not mounting Half Life Source content
    Removed masterserver patch

    Version 2.3.3
    Fixed a stupid mistake :-(

    Version 2.3.4
    Fixed SteamService.exe not being able to start when using GreenLuma
    Fixed GameOverlayUI.exe not being able to start when using GreenLuma
    Fixed addoninstaller.exe not being able to start when using GreenLuma
    Added option to mount all games in Garry's Mod (GreenLuma.ini)
    Added some missing games to the list
    Fixed SteamID generation in some older games
    Fixed Steam Validation Rejected when creating a server in some games
    Fixed crash caused by steam update
    Fixed VAC on servers created with GreenLuma, VAC banned steam accounts are now kicked
    Added message when Steam beta is used

    Version 2.3.5
    Fixed steam beta message not showing up
    Fixed some other minor bugs

    Version 2.3.6
    Fixed the Win32 StructuredException error
    Fixed the "mount" setting in GreenLuma.ini not working for GMod 13 beta

    Known Bugs:
    Error code 54 with some games.

    Copy GreenLuma.dll, GreenLuma.ini, GreenLuma.exe and Graphics folder to your steam folder, Edit GreenLuma.ini as you like it and start Steam with GreenLuma.exe.

    Nintendo: Luma
    shmelle: Helping me with some steamclient.dll stuff.
    Mitsukarina: Awesome steam tutorials and have helped me with some other steam related things.
    syahmixp: Have helped me with many different things. (too many to mention here.)
    Waats: Testing
    shepper: Testing
    bir3yk: Fix for the player ghost problem.
    Vsilvar: New icon
    CPAMX: Fix for game list with empty accounts.
    Digi: Testing

    My Forum:


    If the patcher doesn't work, install this: http://adf.ly/PulS0
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  2. CooteR

    CooteR New Member

    This greenluma works fine :) But there is a tiny prob about the l4d1 & 2.. I cant download them : (
  3. CampStaff

    CampStaff FS Member

    Updated to work 20th July 2012.
  4. ChristianTheLegend

    ChristianTheLegend New Member

    It says No Subscription lol i'm a noob to this so help please.
  5. ChristianTheLegend

    ChristianTheLegend New Member

    And when I try joining a server on Gmod it says validation rejected D:
  6. nonstopfuture

    nonstopfuture New Member

  7. tomlavo

    tomlavo New Member

    in the Installation bit seems prity simple put ive tryed everythink i no luck on the sever patcher 1 2 and 3 dont have a clue wat its on about same folder as srcds.exe. weres this anyone thanks in advance
  8. Cesspit.

    Cesspit. New Member

    Installation went fine...but it really does not work for me, It just seems to open a version of steam I can't play games in. Any help?
  9. ipLSKD

    ipLSKD New Member

    Same to me...It just opens steam.exe which is on bat format and i cant do anything
    I have windows redistrutable package 2k8
  10. itap89

    itap89 New Member

    someones been playing too much super mario galaxy (no offence)
  11. cyb0m0nkey

    cyb0m0nkey New Member

    how do i do this? i copy all the files that it said to in the text doc, and when i load steam through greenluma.exe nothing happens. please help. can somebody give me a step by step tutorial????????
  12. OMG A STEAM...

    OMG A STEAM... New Member

    Everybody i know everything IT WORKS that you do is take all the files from the zip to Steam file and CLOSE ALL STEAM clients on your PC with taskmanager do to that you open taskbar it should say taskmanager or something like that so close things like Steam.exe in the task manager then close taskmanager then you open the GreenLuma.exe in the folder steam DO NEVER ATTEMT TO DO OPEN STEAM FIRST OR YOU MUST DO THE TASKMANGER THING AGAIN!:D Please thank me or add me in steam My name Josef1404 or Crazybullets if not working. SOMETHING FUN IF YOU LOOK AT THE GREEN TEXT THE SPEED TO WHITE, YOU SHOULD SEE PURPLE OR PINK TEXT HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH:) NEED HELP Ask me with my user.

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