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As you may see i am new here! I think that this is a very cool site but i have got one question:
I would like to purchase a steam account with a lot of games (cafe account is what i actually need) for a lifetime but i cant find any working link which can redirect me through payment.

All i need is this:

Are you able to provide such games? If yes can you give me the link where i can pay a lifetime access?

Thank you

ehy thank for fast replies!

p.s. KOTOR is a good game ^^

Lol i have no good nicks

just donate some money or provide a certificate to get a lifetime access to the cafe

What is a certificate btw?


Thank you for the link i will consider to buy a lifetime access!
However: are we sure that are REALLY Lifetime Access? I mean that i dont want to loose 120 buck for nothing! lol
But i am quite sure it is not a scam ;)
We can guarantee lifetime as long as the certs last and Valve do not change their system, in either case we can probably have a fix up within a short amount of time.

A certificate is just an auth system for the cafe.
Lifetime is for sure 5 years +
I am always obtaining new certs to allow the cafes to still run.
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