i just bought it ill post the GCFs tommorow
(its GTA3) I can only post them Filefront ok
When im done uploading them, hurry and download them ok or filefront will remove it! (link will be posted tommorow) (1/6/08)
Heres the problem. There is not enough data in the ncf for it to be downloaded into a client computer. When we insert it into our \steamapps folder, it shows up as 100% in Games menu, but then when we go to play, it says 'Game is not available'.
Please upload all the flies, ncf and your entire \common\grand theft auto 3 folder
For gta 1 and 2, you can download them for free on the rockstars homepage.
I have downloaded them, renamed and placed in my common folders, now with the gcf's the game is at 100% and i can play with steam.

I think you can doing the same thing with gta3, vice city and san andreas by downloading an .ISO of the game.

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