guess where i am


Maestro of Meyhem
my screen is 62" and my mouse is wireless. i also have a virtual keyboard..... post where u think i am and then scroll down for the answer.

i am in my living room surfing the net on my tv using my Wii

Here is a pic of my TV. 62" of pure awesomness

Here is FreeSteam on my TV

Here is my Wii... as you can see there are no wires for the controlers, its all wireless

And i decided to throw in a picture of the view from my rooms balcony. Every morning when i draw back my blinds this is what i see. It looks much better in the morning and at dusk
lol yeah when i posted it, it looked like a much bigger gap. i kinda zoomed in when i was surfing the net :p
My last console box was a Sega 16 bit. That's it...nothing more. I feel old. Wii is the one where you move your hands huh...
ermmm thats kind of a sucky post lol.

your face is a sucky post ;) lol

and its awesome, i made my virtual character look just like me (well the face anyway, i haven't figured out how to change the body) and all the features... its great!!!
na im unfit atm. AFL season only just started so my pecks have gone down and overall my body is much less diffined lol. Also i haven't done weights for a while so our gonna have to wait for a pic of me :p
damn right, i love my Wii :p i can't wait till they release Super Smash Brothers Brawl


watch both the movies there :p they are sweet