Guest Pass Brute forcer 0.4 - p3ng3l

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Thanks a lot man, just wanted to know. When i run this bruteforcer it only does about 5000 keys then steam freezes and shuts down, i have tried to make the intervals between keys larger but to no avail. How can i fix this?

Has anyone got a valid key yet?
I've gone through 100,000 keys. No lie. And I still haven't got a working key, but I know it has worked for others so I'm still thankful that p3ng3l is looking out for us.
How about you make a new account, Because this is a .exe, Modifiys steam, Likely do it on a vacced or new account with no games!(P.S. Anyway, p3ng3l great work)
no not even that,if your like most people and have a router you need your gateway ip and the forwarded port :/
and this is actually quite fast,i have 1gb of ram and can scan without a backup of 150ms delay,im at 5000 but still havent found anything :/ gateway ip,what port should i forward?
its just that if i have a dublicate file w/ more keys, then the process will be sped up.

edit: does anyone know when they'll get the database up again?
Well. The Guest Pass Brute forcer dont work... Dont waste your :D. It is rly useless. But if you got much time try it! :D.
i went through 200,000 keys. took me 3 DAYS! all i want is half-life 1 or half-life 2 full version! can someone PLEASE post a key? im not begging, just wondering if someone could :)
no your begging lol. and mate nobody is going to give you a key. Either download the GCF's and play using a cracked steam client or just get a job and buy the games. They aren't that expensive
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