Guns of Icarus Online Update Released

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    - New 2v2 King of the Hill map, The Labyrinth
    - New Commendation system: at match end, give commendations to fellow players for good sportsmanship, and earn Prizes for commendations received
    - Added “Beginners Only” matches for low-level players
    - Added basic scripted tutorials for each class
    - Revised and expanded contextual tutorial text
    - Added actions to Sandbox for summoning stationary, moving, and armed target practice dummies
    - New Tutorial, Teaching, and Citizenship achievement categories in “Miscellaneous” tab
    - Added new progression achievements and ranks (level cap raised to 11)
    - Ship customization screen now shows a 3D preview of your ship
    - Holding the mouse button now causes buffing and rebuilding tools to trigger continuously
    - Added list of currently online CAs and community group links to Social page
    - New hats in the Store
    - New gun handles
    - New particle effects for Carronade and Mortar
    - New flare gun model
    - You might see birds

    - Rebalanced ship acceleration/speed profiles
    -- Top Forward Speed (fastest to slowest): Squid, Goldfish, Pyramidion, Galleon, Junker, Spire
    -- Forward Acceleration (fastest to slowest): Squid, Junker, Goldfish, Spire, Pyramidion, Galleon
    -- Top Turn Speed (fastest to slowest): Squid, Junker, Goldfish, Spire, Pyramidion, Galleon
    -- Turn Acceleration (fastest to slowest): Squid, Spire, Junker, Goldfish, Pyramidion, Galleon
    -- Mass (largest to smallest): Galleon, Pyramidion, Spire, Goldfish, Junker, Squid
    -- Vertical Acceleration (fastest to slowest, all top vertical speed is 12m/s): Squid, Spire, Goldfish, Junker, Pyramidion, Galleon
    - Spire: Upper right gun slot turned slightly forward (allows 2 light and 1 heavy gun on a single target with proper coordination)
    - Moonshine: Changed to +200% thrust, -50% longitudinal drag in response to pilot tool fix (see below)
    - Ramming damage: Damage dealt and received properly takes into account your ship masses and speed at which the collision takes place. E.g. A large ship ramming into a small ship will deal more damage to small ship and vice versa. Impact damage multipliers still apply.
    - Anglean Raiders capture point time increased to 70s from 40s
    - Control point multiplier decreased, capturing 3 points in CP points no longer extremely difficult to fight against.
    - Mortar
    -- Removed spread
    -- Increase zoom
    - Artemis
    -- Increase turn radius
    -- Increased projectile speed to 750m/s from 640m/s
    -- Increased zoom
    - Removed “friendly fire” from ramming damage

    Fixes and Optimization
    - Scaled mouse sensitivity on Linux to match other OSes
    - Fixed a cause of “ghost ships” being left behind on ship death
    - Fixed a bug with the way ship angular velocity was inherited by projectiles
    - Fixed a bug where ships used different mass values for damage/momentum calculations and for engine acceleration (caused several peculiar situations)
    - Fixed a bug with ship collision bounds that could cause ships (esp. the Spire) to get stuck inside other objects
    - Made ship collision resolution smoother and more predictable
    - Allied ships now always appear on your map, regardless of visibility
    - Fixed ship positioning on minimap.
    - Fixed a bug with spotting indicators that caused them to scale strangely from some angles
    - Fixed several pilot skill effects not being applied correctly (modifications to thrust, damage received, chance of fires)
    - Server: Fixed server “hiccups” caused by users joining a game midway through
    - Fixed display issue with disabling joystick (thank you Chris Wilson)
    - No longer able to unlock an already owned item in Prizes
    - Fixed issue with items in store not appearing correctly
    - Use Steam’s common redistributables for directx install
    - Fixed disappearing wrench sound

    Known items for imminent hotfix:
    - Adding system persisted lv1-2 matches (there will always be one running)
    - Clearer commendation buttons
    - Mouse over text positioning on ship customization


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