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Hacking Portal: First Slice

Discussion in 'Steam Discussion' started by ziplock, November 9, 2008.

  1. ziplock

    ziplock New Member

    I wanted to know if it was possible to get the regular portal maps and gameplay in Portal: First Slice. I figured that if I opened up the regular Portal gcf (which is preloaded when you download P:FS) and copied some of the files to the demo's gcf, I would be able to play the full portal. Has anyone done this, or does anyone know how to do this? I think it can work w/ the HL:2 demo, also.
  2. .ISO

    .ISO FS Member

    you can download the full versoin of portal from cracked steam
  3. ziplock

    ziplock New Member

    The thing is, I don't WANT to download it through cracked. And I can't. I've tried, and none of the steam hacks/cracks will work.
  4. loony636

    loony636 FS Member

    You can't actually download Portal from cracked steam.

    You can download Portal First Slice which will give you some of the required GCF's for Portal, but you will still need to download the other GCFs. I recommend downloading First Slice and CFToolbox to see what GCFs are still required for you to play Portal, and then get them.
  5. fonix232

    fonix232 FS Member

    Some good news: 1. You can download the fully Portal without preloading any gcf's (or maybe the source 2007 contents) and play with that via UDP STEAM 2. You still can't download any else Valve game with this trick....
  6. koganinja89

    koganinja89 New Member

    no offense but I have downloaded portal, half life 2, HL2: Death match, and Gary's mod with undead patch
  7. ziplock

    ziplock New Member

    OK. I just got my compy fixed, so I should be able to run a few of the patches... Maybe.
  8. ziplock

    ziplock New Member

    Also... I started working on a new mod like 2 hours ago...

    I'll go post more about it in another topic.
  9. Lordkil

    Lordkil FS Member

    Eh, might work if you have some other gcfs, use cf toolbox
  10. lapy94

    lapy94 FS Member

    Uh, if you're going to download the Portal files anyway, and just put them in the demo, why don't you just download the full game?
  11. manaray10

    manaray10 FS Member

    what is cracked steam? is it free?
  12. starfighterxii

    starfighterxii FS Member

  13. Agret

    Agret FS Member

    I think that was because he couldn't get the full game at the time
  14. Bjay541

    Bjay541 FS Member

    it would be cool to do this method for other games from valve
  15. Smoke'

    Smoke' New Member

    I think that when you download First Slice from Steam it downloads full Portal too, just go into your steamapps/user/ and open "portal_content" with GCFScape, extract "portal" into your portal first slice folder, open "gameinfo.txt" and change the steamId to 410, that worked for me!
  16. AbRa

    AbRa New Member

    how do i open portal content and how do i extract the portal on my portal first slice folder (i don't have one, i only have portal)?

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