Half-Life 1 GCF Collection

Discussion in 'Half-Life 1 Games GCFs' started by Yaggermister, November 9, 2007.

  1. Yaggermister

    Yaggermister FS Member

    This is everything for Half-Life 1 or should i say everything that uses the half-life 1 engine.


    Half-Life GCF Collection.part01.rar (95.37 MB)

    Half-Life GCF Collection.part02.rar (95.37 MB)

    Half-Life GCF Collection.part03.rar (95.37 MB)

    Half-Life GCF Collection.part04.rar (95.37 MB)

    Half-Life GCF Collection.part05.rar (95.37 MB)

    Half-Life GCF Collection.part06.rar (95.37 MB)

    Half-Life GCF Collection.part07.rar (95.37 MB)

    Half-Life GCF Collection.part08.rar (95.37 MB)

    Half-Life GCF Collection.part09.rar (95.37 MB)

    Half-Life GCF Collection.part10.rar (95.37 MB)

    Half-Life GCF Collection.part11.rar (95.37 MB)

    Half-Life GCF Collection.part12.rar (95.37 MB)

    Half-Life GCF Collection.part13.rar (95.37 MB)

    Half-Life GCF Collection.part14.rar (95.37 MB)

    Half-Life GCF Collection.part15.rar (95.37 MB)

    Half-Life GCF Collection.part16.rar (95.37 MB)

    Half-Life GCF Collection.part17.rar (95.37 MB)

    Half-Life GCF Collection.part18.rar (95.37 MB)

    Half-Life GCF Collection.part19.rar (95.37 MB)

    Half-Life GCF Collection.part20.rar (47.5 MB)

    sorry about all the parts
  2. jakeman321

    jakeman321 New Member

    This is gr8t Yaggermister. I'm downloading part 5 now. Can i ask... what games are included?
  3. Yaggermister

    Yaggermister FS Member

    Every game that uses the hl1 engine
  4. Ganan

    Ganan In Good Standing

    What means:

    Half Life
    Counter Strike
    Counter Strike Condition Zero
    Counter Strike Condition Zero Deleted Scenes
    Day of Defeat
    Half Life Blue Shift
    Oppsing Force
    Team Fortress Classic
    Deathmatch Classic
  5. Yaggermister

    Yaggermister FS Member

    Yes exactly
  6. jakeman321

    jakeman321 New Member

    OK thanx guys, im not to familur with hl1 games. Probably should have played it before hl2. Oh well.

    One more question.... does this come with the high-def thing?
  7. Ganan

    Ganan In Good Standing

    I dont think so, how the name says is only a collection of gcfs, dont think this have high-def textures,models or thinks like that, only original game files.
  8. bobskies

    bobskies New Member

    so how do i properly extract? plz reply
  9. Ray

    Ray Im a Pro?

    Just use winrar? :confused: And why did you grba out so old posts...?
  10. bobskies

    bobskies New Member

    No i mean how do i put it into steam folder.
  11. matsen

    matsen New Member

    Lol extract the file to descopt and then move it into steamapps folder..... how easy isnt that...
  12. TNTX32

    TNTX32 New Member

    It's awesome.
  13. L337NESS

    L337NESS New Member

    can you please post hl1 alone?
  14. monkeyrox_112

    monkeyrox_112 FS Member

    ohh okay thank you that kinda sums it up.

    Thank you that sums it up for me

    Really? All games that use the game Half-lifes Engine so games from 1980+ i belive untill half life 2

    Yaggermister you should delete this post and remake it BUT! have all Parts in one
  15. UrumiKanzaki

    UrumiKanzaki New Member

    Hi there,
    I have to inform that part 17 and part 20 contains CRC error
    here it is what UnrarX from mac os x says:

    Part 17:
    Testing archive /Users/FireFox/Desktop/half-life/Half-Life GCF Collection.part17.rar

    ... Half-Life GCF Collection/half-life source.gcf
    Half-Life GCF Collection/half-life source.gcf - CRC failed

    Part 20
    Testing archive /Users/FireFox/Desktop/half-life/Half-Life GCF Collection.part20.rar

    ... Half-Life GCF Collection/opposing force.gcf
    Half-Life GCF Collection/opposing force.gcf - CRC failed

    Total errors: 2
    It seems that Only opposing force.gcf and half-life source.gcf are involved in this the other files seems to be ok
    and Winrar in windows report that part 17 and part 20 are broken

    Best Regard
    Urumi Kanzaki
  16. Xiz

    Xiz New Member


    So I was downloading this pack for hours and now all I can see is "Download starting...".
    Or is it the fault of SteamUp?
  17. wad92

    wad92 FS Member

    Thread was started 9th November 2007, it is now September 2009, Im guessing that the gcf are outdated
  18. The Fallen Eye

    The Fallen Eye FS Member

    So, CFToolbox can update this?
  19. JJJusea

    JJJusea FS Member

    yes, but you may need to 'apply an update. to do this u need a "___.update" file, first go to cf toolbox and right click your gcf and go to 'make archive' , upload this and post the link here, and i will send you an "___.update" file.

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