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Half-Life 2 Episodic Content [HL2 Ep1 & Ep2] - 9/2/2008

Discussion in 'Half-Life 2 / Source Engine GCF's And NCF's' started by WorldWarIII, September 3, 2008.

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  1. WorldWarIII

    WorldWarIII Guest


    Episode 1 Details
    Episode 2 Details

    Files Included In This Pack:
    • episode 1 shared.gcf
    • episode two content.gcf
    • episode two maps.gcf
    • episode two materials.gcf
    • episodic 2007 shared.gcf
    • half-life 2 episode one.gcf
    • half-life 2 episode two english.gcf
    • half-life 2 game dialog.gcf

    Links - Rapidshare
  2. .ISO

    .ISO FS Member

    YAY =P
    You should have uploaded this to massmirror.com instead
  3. WorldWarIII

    WorldWarIII Guest

    You can only do 1 file at a time.
  4. Echo419

    Echo419 FS Owner

    Maybe you should stop using the fail that is massmirror.
  5. .ISO

    .ISO FS Member

    The server 46.rapidshare.com is momentarily not available. We are aware of this and are working to get this resolved.

    You wait for it =P
  6. SteamAdmin

    SteamAdmin New Member

    how do i fucking download this stuff
    just post a video on how to at YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
    trust me i look at every single new vid that goes out or u can just reply to me please
    thank you
  7. .ISO

    .ISO FS Member

    ummm what part of it don't you understand?
    It;s a really simple procedure
  8. RyaZard

    RyaZard New Member

    This will take WAY to long for non premium rapidshare users.. WHY RAPIDSHARE HUH??? No really why rapidshare and not some other place that lets you upload Large files without download limits and such? I thought there was a way to upload files without going to a website like those...
  9. Cheh3x

    Cheh3x New Member

    you got that right
  10. Locou

    Locou FS Member

    Can't play episode 2, because steam wants to update it.
    Error on starting update: "Steam servers are currently busy".
    I'm using UnDeadPatch v3.33.
    Any help?
  11. .ISO

    .ISO FS Member

    Download all gcf?
  12. Locou

    Locou FS Member

    I think I got them all.
    CF Toolbox:
    File	Size	Version	Completion	Information
    audiosurf content public.ncf	358.43 MBytes	24	100.00%	
    base source engine 2.gcf	145.36 MBytes	41	100.00%	
    counter-strike source client.gcf	4.02 MBytes	54	100.00%	
    counter-strike source shared.gcf	1.64 GBytes	68	100.00%	
    counter-strike source_german.gcf	1.44 MBytes	3	100.00%	
    day of defeat source.gcf	1.16 GBytes	25	100.00%	
    eets content.ncf	53.05 MBytes	3	100.00%	
    episode 1 shared.gcf	1.19 GBytes	4	100.00%	
    episode two content.gcf	1.31 GBytes	5	99.92%	
    episode two maps.gcf	675.74 MBytes	2	100.00%	
    episode two materials.gcf	670.87 MBytes	3	100.00%	
    episodic 2007 shared.gcf	273.01 MBytes	1	99.99%	
    garrysmod content.gcf	219.22 MBytes	49	93.31%	
    half-life 2 content.gcf	841.36 MBytes	9	100.00%	
    half-life 2 deathmatch.gcf	146.53 MBytes	35	100.00%	
    half-life 2 episode one german.gcf	479.69 MBytes	0	100.00%	
    half-life 2 episode one.gcf	606.72 MBytes	7	100.00%	
    half-life 2 episode two german.gcf	545.76 MBytes	1	100.00%	
    half-life 2 game dialog.gcf	18.12 KBytes	1	100.00%	
    half-life 2_german.gcf	746.19 MBytes	1	100.00%	
    half-life deathmatch source.gcf	117.37 MBytes	5	0.00%	
    half-life source deathmatch client.gcf	3.84 MBytes	3	94.27%	
    half-life source.gcf	766.19 MBytes	7	100.00%	
    half-life source_german.gcf	54.77 MBytes	1	100.00%	
    left4dead teaser.gcf	33.07 MBytes	0	100.00%	
    lostcoast content.gcf	360.40 MBytes	3	100.00%	
    luxor 3 content.ncf	54.03 MBytes	1	100.00%	
    media player.gcf	265.49 KBytes	0	100.00%	
    platform.gcf	15.12 MBytes	30	outdated	
    portal content.gcf	985.84 MBytes	7	100.00%	
    portal english.gcf	160.38 MBytes	1	100.00%	
    portal german.gcf	167.18 MBytes	1	100.00%	
    source 2007 binaries.gcf	122.00 MBytes	62	100.00%	
    source 2007 shared materials.gcf	985.13 MBytes	1	100.00%	
    source 2007 shared models.gcf	148.29 MBytes	0	100.00%	
    source 2007 shared sounds.gcf	2.26 MBytes	0	100.00%	
    source engine.gcf	138.26 MBytes	75	100.00%	
    source lv.gcf	4.83 MBytes	1	48.78%	
    source materials.gcf	1.02 GBytes	8	100.00%	
    source models.gcf	449.58 MBytes	4	100.00%	
    source sounds.gcf	975.75 MBytes	4	100.00%	
    sourceinit.gcf	249.63 KBytes	22	100.00%	
    team fortress 2 content.gcf	2.01 GBytes	66	0.14%	
    team fortress 2 german.gcf	283.71 MBytes	2	0.00%	
    team fortress 2 materials.gcf	1.23 GBytes	19	0.01%	
    winui.gcf	38.75 MBytes	248	100.00%	
  13. .ISO

    .ISO FS Member

    episodic 2007 shared.gcf 99.99%
    episode two content.gcf 99.92%

    They needs to be updated
    Post the archives of those two gcf and i'll make a update for you
  14. Locou

    Locou FS Member

  15. .ISO

    .ISO FS Member

  16. dewofthedusk

    dewofthedusk New Member

    y cant u guys ever use torrents??
  17. Echo419

    Echo419 FS Owner

    Because not everyone can torrent effectively.
  18. yinmir

    yinmir New Member

    what is the password to the rar files? the one there does not work and it just links to the front page.
  19. rushil01

    rushil01 Maestro of Meyhem

    yeah thats because where it links you is the password. He just forgot to code the links.

  20. Jake

    Jake Full Member

    Thanks a bunch , now i can see textures in Many maps. :D
  21. yinmir

    yinmir New Member

    still doesnt take the password, not sure if i got bad files or might it be winrar?

    EDIT: nevermind i got it, password was www.FreeSteam.org , forgot capital letters
  22. leeleebubbub

    leeleebubbub New Member

    There actually some torrent downloads on this site you know...
  23. Miki

    Miki FS Member

    How long it took for you guys?
  24. RedDargon

    RedDargon New Member

    OMG why do you use rapidshare so much man i HATE THAT SITE cant you use soting elce ha!!! any thing i dont kare aslong as is not rapidshare i will take hrs to finish this and just 1 moer tip try making things in i rar not 1000
  25. FreeSteam8462

    FreeSteam8462 New Member

    YEAH THX man !
  26. truongkahp

    truongkahp FS Member

    question why is there 2 part 1???
    and why when i extract it it says that the some files are corrupted (wrong password?) when im still extracting it.

    I extracted 7 files when it needs 9 files.
  27. rickyman48

    rickyman48 FS Member

    why not use vipeers its free VIPeers is a new one of its kind hybrid free file-sharing service allowing users to share files upto 5 GB in size with ease, to share files users simply need to upload it using the web-based uploader or the PODMailing software, Once uploaded VIPeers provides direct HTTP download links with option to share file using the BitTorrent protocol without the hassle of creating .torrent file, adding trackers, and even the seeding.
    VIPeers - Welcome! it creates torrent for you or you can do direct link to it you can upload this in like 2 or 3 links
  28. rickyman48

    rickyman48 FS Member

    sorry for doublep ost ya its free u can pay for ebtter upload free users get Storage 5 GB
    File size limit 1 GB
    File sharing Links & Torrent yes
    Folder upload (with Podmailing) Not available
    Max hosting duration 30 days
    thats upload limit for free members download limit is
    Assisted BitTorrent yes
    Public HTTP 5GB... <non torrent downloading jsut push create acocutn button on the site and click free at the bottem
  29. rickyman48

    rickyman48 FS Member

    you have to make a free acocunt to download stuff i think its alot better than rapidshair sorry for tripal post
  30. stuartd

    stuartd New Member

    ive downloaded the g mod what half life do i need to download ?
  31. rickyman48

    rickyman48 FS Member

    all the half life games add content to gmod but hl2 is the main 1
  32. k3ithw2007

    k3ithw2007 New Member

    all link broken :(
  33. woah holy crap that will take WAY too long to download why does everyone use rapidshare:mad:? use something like mediafire

    torrents go horribly slow so no
  34. lukas00754

    lukas00754 FS Member

    thanks want you download all in on times can only all from poland this make you must have extra ip i have i from poland and disconnect internet and connect and this work !
  35. lukas00754

    lukas00754 FS Member

    i have 4 files i have message wrong password. i must have all files to extract ?
  36. vd223

    vd223 New Member

    Perfect, Thank you!!
  37. lukas00754

    lukas00754 FS Member

    what is the password to the rar files? i must have all files to password work. please help me !. This is password for rar files ? : www.freesteam.org
  38. alien56

    alien56 FS Member

    Can anybody tell me what files I am missing(if any) to play Ep1 and EP2. If I just need to update the outdated ones could somebody please upload the ones that are outdated. These are the files I currently have, downloaded from rapidshare links above.

    File	Size	Version	Completion	Information
    base source engine 2.gcf	145.79 MBytes	54	0.00%	
    counter-strike source client.gcf	4.02 MBytes	54	outdated	
    episode 1 shared.gcf	1.19 GBytes	4	outdated	
    episode two content.gcf	2.01 MBytes	5	outdated	Validation failed
    episode two maps.gcf	675.74 MBytes	2	100.00%	
    episode two materials.gcf	670.87 MBytes	3	100.00%	
    episodic 2007 shared.gcf	234.95 KBytes	1	100.00%	
    half-life 2 episode one.gcf	606.72 MBytes	7	outdated	
    half-life 2 episode two english.gcf	500.17 MBytes	1	100.00%	
    half-life 2 game dialog.gcf	18.12 KBytes	1	100.00%	
    half-life engine.gcf	10.45 MBytes	48	outdated	
    half-life high definition.gcf	29.24 MBytes	0	100.00%	
    half-life source deathmatch client.gcf	3.84 MBytes	3	100.00%	
    half-life.gcf	393.03 MBytes	11	outdated	MiniGCF created
    order of war demo content.ncf	1.07 GBytes	0	100.00%	
    platform.gcf	15.01 MBytes	47	outdated	
    source 2007 binaries.gcf	122.74 MBytes	80	0.00%	
    team fortress 2 client content.gcf	4.96 MBytes	42	outdated	
    winui.gcf	40.79 MBytes	285	100.00%	
  39. EriX920

    EriX920 FS Administrator

    Have you tried to validate the outdated ones?
  40. alien56

    alien56 FS Member

    I tried but I am not sure if I have done it right. I just used the CF Toolbox(witch I have never heard of till today) and used the validate option on all the files but they all failed. I am not sure if I am using an old version or not.
  41. gvazdas

    gvazdas FS Member

    Guys ! I am getting Steam Servers Too Busy. Help?
  42. EriX920

    EriX920 FS Administrator

    I'm going to upload all the new files for ep2, and gvazdas you cannot download this game unless you own it. This is why i'm going to upload it.
  43. lukas00754

    lukas00754 FS Member

    I delete files I have information Steam servers Too busy I have information UPadte 0% and i can't update
  44. winston2468

    winston2468 New Member

    can yo re-upload the part 18? the link is dead
  45. WorldWarIII

    WorldWarIII Guest

    Are you retarded? There are new posts for this, please use them.
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