Half-Life2: Episode 2 GCF Torrent

Discussion in 'Half-Life 2 / Source Engine GCF's And NCF's' started by Ejacu1337, October 10, 2007.

  1. Ejacu1337

    Ejacu1337 New Member

  2. Ripper911

    Ripper911 New Member

    No seeds.
  3. iltaliafreak

    iltaliafreak FS Member

    link is dead :(
  4. Einimas

    Einimas New Member

    man if you uploaded that u could seed it too. ill seed it for about a week after downloading
  5. HeavyMtl007

    HeavyMtl007 FS Member

    Please dear god do NEVER use .torrent files, they take absolutely ages to download, it would take me 4 weeks to down ep2.torrent, just for one game when i can get the ,rar/zip file in less than 5 minutes!!!
  6. BlinkY

    BlinkY Pork is not a Verb

    way to revive an old topic lol
  7. HeavyMtl007

    HeavyMtl007 FS Member

    U gots that rite...lol
  8. Miki

    Miki FS Member

    can nobody upload the files on MegaUpload.com ?
  9. simahas

    simahas New Member

    youre right but where u can get a winrar one ? i cant find it nowhere so im using .torrent files i hate the download that takes ages too :mad:
  10. k3ithw2007

    k3ithw2007 New Member

    link broken

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