Happy Easter! - News & Updates

This entire network has gone through a multitude of problems including financial issues, server moves, network errors, being hacked, etc. Most of these problems have simply been caused by our data center, however, we have found a new place that can offer us a great deal without the restrictions or problems of our current provider. The only reason we are still with our current host is because it's fairly cheap, but support staff are absolute idiots. We have found a much better host, that has proven their reliability. Before we can move, however, we need to get a bit of funds collected in order to get the new server started and begin to transfer files.
We are going to need about $130.00 USD to get the new server, and will hopefully have funds flowing in by next month to continue with it. If you are able to donate via Paypal, that would be great! Do so by sending funds to: [email protected]
If you are not currently a donator, but donate $20.00 or more to our new server, you will be given that access.
New server will provide more access to new and old users, a long with a more guaranteed uptime.

On another note, a lot of work has been done on FS recently to clean it up, and keep things running well. This includes introducing our FS Client (FSC) to provide information, tools, and downloads all in one package. Other things have been updating the board, fixing up the skin/template, and re-adding our previous shout box as we now have it working again. Along with that the top navigation bar has been added for more functionality on this board as well.

Even more news, the current network we run off, The FS Network, has had a bad name that we've yet to shake off as we do not want it known as the FreeSteam Network. So, unless we are able to find a new abbreviation, we may have to get a whole new name (if you have a good one and the domain is available, please suggest it), but as far as all that goes, it will soon have a new site and a main portal to be used for all the network sites, which may expand soon! Including our still to be online Web Hosting site, which we haven't completed due to the many errors on our sites. Along with that, there is also a torrent site that should be opening up after we do our move. We've yet to decide if it should be public, semi-public/private, or just private. Either way, we still have a long ways to go before we can get a steady foot hold and move on in development.

Again, I ask that anyone who can donate please do, Paypal E-mail: [email protected] - Thank you to those who do!

Update to FSC v1.77 hopefully released tomorrow night!

Everyone enjoy your easter finish off your weekend right!


Signed, CJ [ WorldWarIII ]
Well first happy easter :). Secon well I might can spedn/donate again to FS. with money. Will find out what I can do.
Sure, I'll be feeding in two dollars when I have time to get on paypal.

Edit: $2 sent, happy easter everyone.
WWIII bro since I work and have saved alot of money I'm about to get my next paycheck I'll be donating 20 to 25 $ :D just to keep this place up!