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Hey everone it's me FPSgamingPRO i dunno if any of you whould kno me but ive been major player of the month and year....threw xbox360 and steam leagues
but i jus want to come here and say hello i may learn sumthing new...
but im lookin forward to everones hard work ..and hopefully i'll get some feed on my work aswell..
but i whould like to say ...i do need help ....ive been caught up on my latest projects (AlienInfo10.0,DD.R6-5,and some other ones) but right now i need ...to know if i can get a account some where some how...ive read terms and agreements so theres some things i cannot realase so im woundring if anyone can help me ive seen some of the work but wich is the best one to download??? pm or reply to this thred (THX)
*Looking forward to meeting new hard workers of there art and many other people*
I presume you are asking about the cracked steam client. Unfortunately, Valve recently updated their cafe protection serverside meaning that currently no public cafe client can get past this. (with a fix in the works for VIPs)

As an alternative, you can use some of the releases in the 'FreeSteam.org Releases' forum around the middle of the main forum page. (the one I recommend is the 'FS Client Alternative' - cracked steam, its known as)
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