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Hello, as you might have guessed, I am from Scotland!

I am (mostly) a PC gamer who is sick to the back teeth of Steam, I'm sick of getting retail games that require internet to install or for you to buy it brand new (I still buy most of my games new, but I like the freedom of choice.), and I don't like getting my games by downloading them, nor do I want to be forced to...

...but thanks to some awesome tools that I've found on here and other places, I can install my Steam-DRM retail games without the internet or Steam! Well, most of them...

I've been having a problems with some games, since I don't know where to post them, I'll post them here:

I installed Orange Box using a program called "Phoenix", and it said the disc was missing some gcfs, and the games don't seem to work as a result, but I can't find them anywhere, all the links I've seen are dead, here are the gcfs I need:

Half Life 2 Dialog.gcf
Half Life 2 2007 Base Content.gcf
Episode 2 2007 Content.gcf
OrangeBox Media.gcf
Source 2007 Binaries 2.gcf
Multiplayer OB Binaries.gcf

Where do I get them?

Also, how do I install csd/sis games? I've been trying to install Sleeping Dogs and 007 Legends, but Phoenix doesn't support the format they're in, and sisInstall doesn't seem to work, I keep getting the error "Exception (o): Key sku/manifests or value '0' not found"... what do I do?
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