hello, its kkid16....

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hey, thought id just say hi.
my names keegan, and im from the seattle area.
ive heard of a trick u can use to get free cd keys... you have one legit game, and then bruteforce a cd key for the pack that the game came from...they think it was just a reinstallation... would this work? also, if it does, can i get the program from someone?
Thnx, and cheers mates.
Welcome to the FreeSteam Project, i hope you enjoy your stay here :)

I doubt that would work, or it would take about a million tires to get the right key.
hmmm, thnx mate... but isnt that what a bruteforce program does? it can check up to i think it was three hundred keys a minute.
Steam now bans you if you try to enter too many wrong keys so it would take a really long time, even then the account will probably get disabled.
Welcome, you would actually live near me, what city exactly?
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