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Hey guys, a newbie here.

I joined because I'm finally ready to "accept" Steam, but I wonder if some things are possible...and if so, if anyone here can point me in the right direction.

I'm obsessed with backing up my games - I've created a hard drive that stores all my backup games, so if I lose a disk, I can just install it from the drive (and I've got a backup of that drive). This works great, even for Steam games, but my problem is that also don't want to be tied to the Internet in order to install these games. I've lived in an area without Internet (we just got it last year), so I am coming from a background of not expecting the Internet wherever I go - and I want to be prepared for that.

I don't mind legally purchasing my games. I don't mind installing steam and downloading all necessary game files, and getting the game working from Steam. From here though, how do I go about backing up my games so that I NEVER have to be connected to the Internet to install these games again? I know you can use Steam's "backup" tool, but this simply makes it so you no longer have to download files. I want to make it so I don't have to be online at all. I don't care about multiplayer functionality - more about just getting the game installed so I can play it.

I've done some brief searching online, and all I'm presented with is, "it's impossible!" Well, I know it's not - if you do a search on other sites you can easily ILLEGALLY download a Steam game, install it, and play it without connected to Steam servers. People are able to take these games and crack them, so I should be able to take a game I legally purchased, downloaded files for, and create an offline installable backup.

I've looked into some of these tools on this site (although, probably not all - there are a bunch). It seems like they are all about creating shortcuts, running the game without Internet AFTER you have already installed. I want to be able to install the game completely from a hard drive - no Internet connection. As I mentioned, I don't care if I need Internet to get this type of setup, as long as once I get the setup complete, I don't need the Internet anymore.

Any help would be appreciated.

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