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[Help] Cant enter in the forum & Cant Login

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by GananV2, December 17, 2007.

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  1. GananV2

    GananV2 New Member

    Well im GA"X"AN and i dont know what happen, all the day i enter fine in the page without any type of problems but now:

    1- I cant enter in the forum, the page dont load so i need to use a Proxy and with the Proxy i can enter fine but not without it.

    2- Even i can enter in the forum with the Proxy i cant login, every time i try to login im redirected to a white page and say: Page not Found
    ImageShack - Hosting :: pagenotfoundlz2.jpg

    3- How i cant enter in the forum i try to register a new account for advice about my problem, and try registering with the name "Ga"X"anV2" but appears the same error of Page not Found.
    So i registed with that account (GananV2) without the "X" and i register fine so i think the problem is in the "Ga"X"an" name.

    So if a mod/owner can help me or someone who knows what happen i will be very greateful.

    PD: The "X" is the letter of my nick, i cant write it because appears the Page not Found too when i submit the thread.

    Looks like the problem of the login is this letter of my nick but dont know i enter and login ever fine.

    Edit Ok, for some unknown reason after 2 hours without can enter in the forum now i can enter as normal without use a Proxy.
    But the problem of login with my real nick and submit a post who cotains Ga"X"an continues.
  2. Ganan

    Ganan In Good Standing

    Well the problem looks half-solved.

    Now how i say before i can enter fine in the forum without need to use a Proxy, so that part seems solved.

    And the login problem are half-solved, I continue to be unable to login, every time i try to login says the Page not Found but i discovered how login and the cause of the problem, is for the letter of my name (Ga "X" an), there is a problem with that letter or is not allowed now or something like that, then i cant login if i put that letter, so for login now i need to change the "X" letter for a "N" and i login fine how can see.

    And submit a thread or post who contain this letter is same, if i put this letter in the post i cant subimit it (Page not Found error).
  3. Etheco

    Etheco FS Member

    This has been 100% Solved, Closing Topic.
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