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As most of you know,, the official, prime site, used to download adons for GMod, now needs you to verify that you OWN the game.
You kneed to add in a code at the end of your details, or something.
I don't really know that much about what they used.
The real problem:
I have downloaded a gmod .GCF file, and added it to the steamapps folder, after I used undead patch.
I also used this on a bunch of other games, so I don't have to wait fifty years for them to finally be available.
The question is,
Does anybody know of a .gcf file, or any other means, that work to fake your way past's validation method?
I'd REALLY appreciate it if you shared your knowledge not only with me, but with the whole community.
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hi i have the same problem..yes i have an illegal copy of gmod, but seriously? i dont have the money to waste on stuff like that. anyways, i used gmod for about 30 minutes before i got bored and decided to look for add-ons. but EVERYTHING you find on the web leads you to! i registered to try and download, but it does the same thing. i have steam, but my gmod is a nonsteam fuze somethin rip. (not exactly sure what its called.) so i just need a way to bypass the website's verification system. i also looked for someone who had leaked their login info so i could use that to download..but no luck. please help! i'd appreciate it.


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There is no way around it. Period. See the periods.

OK now for the solution, Use our sites SEARCH.

But I'm feeling nice right now so I'll point it out to you... For GMOD Addons Go HERE
To Request an addon not in that link yet, Post HERE

Now, I'm closing this topic. You are Welcome.
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