[Help Indeed] Accounts O_O;;


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Yes, I'm an idiot and I've been banned from Steam VAC2 servers for the reason:Hacking :O ooo Be amazed -.- Well Anyways I was wondering if you could generously give me a free steam account, or any working programs? It'll be great!

Thank you,
~ Lolenade
Well, sorry to say but I don't think anyone is going to give you an account.
And programs like that are never public... you could:

1. Search the internet for leaked private programs that still work.
2. Use Undead Patch. (You will only be able to play on cracked servers and not legit...)
3. Buy it again.
4. Dig up $50 USD to buy VIP membership here to get access too private hacks/cracks.
5. Wait for :: PaulFromCanada.com :: to release.
6. Phish an account. (I strongly DO NOT encourage this.)
7. Design your own crack.

Oh and... don't hack... or at least don't use public hacks. You will get caught.
:confused:... cafe acc dont get banned from hacking?

They can't do because 100's of Gaming cafes and alike buy the steam cafe packages for their companies. If people in the cafe hacked and the steam accounts got banned, the owner would have NOTHING left after paying 100's of dollars to provide their customers with steam products. And because it is too hard for one admin to monitor 40+ computers on each game and make sure they're not running any hacks, its ideal for the steam cafe accounts to not be banned :D